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L.A Noire Case Guide Collection

L.A Noire Case Guide Collection

Are you still struggling to get 5-stars on all L.A Noire cases? As we come to the end of our L.A Noire theme week, we’ve gathered all of Johnny Hurricanes L.A Noire 5-Star Case Guides and put them all into one nice and easy post. All cases will open in a new window so you can use this page to reach all the tough cases as you progress through the game.

Our L.A Noire theme week was a huge success and Johnny Hurricanes 5-star case guides all roared to the top of our most viewed content list and thanks to thousands of gamers contributions, the guides have become some of the most accurate guides available when helping you to achieve your 5-star case rating.

As well as all of our current L. A Noire Case Guides, all future guides for any DLC content will also be added to this article so bookmark it if you plan on going through each L. A Noire case as they’re released.

L.A Noire Newspaper Locations

Buyer Beware Guide

The Drivers Seat

A Marriage Made In Heaven

The Fallen Idol

The Red Lipstick Murder

The Golden Butterfly

The Silk Stocking Murder

The White Shoe Slaying

The Studio Secretary Murder

The Quarter Moon Murders

The Black Caesar

The Set Up

Manifest Destiny

The Gas Man

A Walk In Elysian Fields

House Of Sticks

A Polite Invitation

A Different Kind Of War

DLC GuideThe Naked City

DLC GuideThe Consul’s Car

DLC Guide –  A Slip Of The Tongue

DLC GuideNicholson Electroplating

DLC GuideReefer Madness


All Future Guides Will Be Included

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