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L.A. Noire The Black Caesar Guide

L.A. Noire The Black Caesar Guide

Welcome to Vice. We get a new partner and a new suit. The first case in Vice for L.A. Noire is The Black Caesar. This guide will help you find all the clues, answer all the questions correctly and get the 5 star rating. There is a newspaper in this one I’ll let  you know where it is. Time to get on with the case.



First thing you will have do in the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide is to head to the crime scene. You get a new partner here so you learn a bit about him on as well. You get a clue right away after the cut scene. Once you arrive the cop will tell you its upstairs so head on up. You get a cut scene then it is time to search for some clues.

Check the body in the chair first. No clue I just feel you should search it. After that search the other body. Search his arm to see the needle marks. Then search his front pocket for a wallet and a clue inside the wallet. After that leave the body.

Next search the table for a piece of paper with some slot machine symbols on it for a clue. Search the sheet music as well.

After that search in the bedroom. O the floor you should see a cup. Search is closely for a clue.

Head back towards the couch to see a cup on the floor again as well as a wallet. Open the wallet and check both things inside for a clue.

Now head into the kitchen and check the cup on the table. This will be your last clue. Time to head out.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide is at the food hut. After a cut scene you will have to chase a guy down. The chase is a tad long but it can only end in one way. A fist fight. After you win you will have to search the place for clues.

Right when you walk in check the suitcase. I’m not sure what it is but is a cylinder type thing. Check it and open it to get a clue. After that check the ticket to get a clue. Be sure to check the other side of the ticket.

After that search the box next to the popcorn machine on the floor. Inside you will get a clue.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guideis interviewing Fleetwood. Let’s get to the questions.

First question morphine overdose victims. Pick lie and use the popcorn cups with morphine.

Next question numbers slips recovered. Pick doubt. After the cut scene use the phone. After that we are heading out.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guideis at the booking agency. Once you get there and head up the stairs then check the sign to figure out where it is located. It is room 238. Once you get thereyou will have to find some clues.

Check the jukebox in the corner. Put it on FM and I had the volume about halfway. I keep going through the stations until it opened up. When it did I got a clue. After that you will have to fight. No big deal.After the fight search the jukebox a bit closer. I cheeked everything but the only two things that are important are the syringe for a clue update and the sticker on the top for another clue. Now it is time to question Mr. Jones.

First question army surplus morphine. Pick doubt.

Next is involvement with Ottie. Pick lie and choose distributor identified.

Next is link to Ramez removals. Choose doubt. After the cuts scene use the phone. This will get you an address time to go.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide is at number operation. Once there head upstairs. After the cut scene time to search for clues. Head to the back right and you should see a red slot machine. You know what this means. Look at your clues and use the symbols on the strange doodle. What you have to do is spin the slot machine then when a symbol that you need pops up hold it. Keep spinning until you have all three. After you get it check all three things. After you back out you will have to chase him down.

The chase is kinda long. He will push people down be sure to avoid them or you can get caught up on them. After you catch him you will be handed a cane. Investigate it closer and see the IOU note for a clue. After that it is time for some questions.

First ask army surplus morphine. Choose lie and pick Finklestien identified.

Next pick IOU not from Ramez. Pick truth. After that it is time to move out.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide is heading to the warehouse. A newspaper is here. First thing you need to do though is stop that truck. It isn’t a long chase just avoid the guy throwing stuff out the back. After the cut scene you will loom around.

When you enter look to the left and you should see two desks. Check the back one for a newspaper. I kinda liked this one.  Anyways after that you basically have to follow the puddles on the floor to the back. All the way in the back there will be a ladder. Use it to go up. Once up there you have to use the crane. You should see a blue door with some crates pushed against it. Move the crates out of the way so you can get in. Once it is accessible your partner will call you down.


Once you get in you need to check the first ice block you see. Then shoot it till it falls apart. Check the box and no surprise here morphine. Check it more closely. Now is time to head back to the entrance. Once you are almost there check the first desk for a ledger. Point out the polar bear ice company and a cut scene will happen. After that you have to chase him down and shoot him. If you don’t get will shoot you. After that it is time to move out.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide is at the polar bear ice company. Once you arrive a cut scene will happen and you will have to fight your way through. Use cover and try for head shots. A little ways in you will kill a guy with a shotgun. I recommend picking that up. Fight your way through and stay in cover. It’s not to hard. After you finish it is time to look around.Check the big box right near where you put the main bad guy down. It’s a big green box. After that a cut scene will play.

That is the end of the L.A. Noire The Black Caesar guide and you will get a 5 star rating. On to the next case. While you’re here though check out and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.



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  1. The object found in the suitcase is a Harmon Wah-Wah mute. It’s used to affect the timbre of the music and most commonly also reduces the outputted volume.

  2. Tune the radio to 275 fm. There is a clue from the junkies’ apartment that informs you that JJ likes that station.

  3. The cilinder thing in the instrument case is a cup damper for (in this case) a trumpet. They use it to mute down the tones.

  4. When chasing down Fleetwood Morgan, you can actually tackle him down before the fist fight. You have to cheat on the route a a bit. When he starts getting near the air vents, you have to cut towards a North East direction and start tapping X

  5. So I found that if u go to the slot machine and use the drawings from the doodle in the apartment it opens up and then u have to chase merlon down… but apparently the interrogation plays out differently if u open the slot machine instead of the juke box… I got different questions and answers

  6. Thanks for the guides, theyre very helpful. keep up the good work.

    as for the site name i totally thought it was gamer shoes. dunno why lol

  7. If you get the correct symbols on the slot machine in the corner for a chase scene ottie will run because it opens a secret compartment which holds morphine and the paper notes. Use the ” strange doodle” symbols for the slot machine

  8. I love this game and its attention to detail. That said, it annoys me that if you discover clues in the wrong order you get a lower rating. I found the log book in the warehouse before the ice blocked morphine, and even though I went back to it later, no cut scene, three star rating. How bogus.

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