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L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat Guide

L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat Guide

The next guide I will be doing in L.A. Noire is for the case The Drivers Seat. First thing you do is get your new partner since you got promoted. Now that you are promoted you can also get a ton more trophy/achievements. The Drivers Seat case has you checking an abandoned car in a Freight Depot. Plenty of clues and a witness here so lets get started and get a 5 star rating.

Officer Hart will greet you and tell you about the situation so far. Then you get to search the area for clues.

The first thing we are going to do for the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide is find some clues. Lets start with car itself. First thing we are going to do is open the trunk. In the trunk is a tire iron and a piece of paper. The paper is the proper clue you can look at the tire iron if you want but its useless.

Second clue we are going to check is at the letter A on the ground. You have two clues here a wallet and some glasses. Check the wallet first. The wallet belongs to Adrian Black. Look at the photo as well. His wife looks a bit scary imo. Now lets check the glasses. You will have to angle these correctly in order to get it as a clue. Do so then we will move on to the next part.

If you look to the left of the wallet and glasses you should see a B on the ground. Go to it and get your third clue. You will have to move it around to get the brand name.

The last clue you have to get is inside the car. Take look inside and you will get it. Lots of blood.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide is talking to the witness. After you get to choose what question to ask him pick what was your purpose for being here. He will tell you then you pick truth.

Next ask him knowledge of Adrain Black. He will say he doesn’t know him. Pick truth again.

Now ask him about the bloody pipe. His face doesn’t change much. Pick truth.

Last ask him what was in the wallet. He will get defensive. Kind of odd being how up front he was with us before. Doubt him and he will tell you the truth.With that you will have answered 4/4 correctly.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide is talking with the wife. After speaking with Margaret she will invite you in. Once you are in look to the right and you will see a table with a newspaper on it. Grab it while you are here. Check the back story if you want then its time to speak with the wife. She basically tells you about the instaheat pipe and then you search the house.

Right next to the paper still on the table you can search for some matches. This is your first clue in the house. Use the phone to call in for the address.

Check Margaret’s room and the photo on the dresser. Doesn’t have much value alone but will be useful later.

The second clue in the house is in Adrian’s room. Check his glasses case and open it up. While there check his photo as well. Before you put the photo down investigate it closer for a clue. While still in the room check his closet for a train ticket and your third clue.

Now lets head into the kitchen and check on the table. You will see a receipt and a flyer. Check the receipt first for your fourth clue. Now check the flyer and check the back(flip it over and examine it all the way). Once you get towards the bottom it will be your fifth clue.

Your partner will suggest you look outside. Use the door in the kitchen to go to the backyard. While outside on the side of the house you will have to put together the instaheat water heater. It is pretty easy so I won’t go into detail about it. After you finish it will be the last clue here. Time to speak with the wife again.



The next part of the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide will be questioning the wife successfully. This one has a bunch more options so follow along.

Pick the slaughterhouse receipt first. Pick truth for this one.

Now pick the matchbook. After she is done talking pick truth.

Location of Adrian next. Pick truth for this one as well.

Now it is on to the glasses. Pick truth.

Now pick photo signed Nicole. Tell her she is lying then pick the hidden message.

Ask her what she was doing last night. Then pick truth.

After that you get some exp and will head to the Bar.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide is when you get to the bar. Speak to the bar tender and he will point you to Frank.

Only one choice here choose it. Then pick lie use receipt for the hog.

A new one opens up choose that. Pick doubt and you will know where Adrian is. After that you can arrest him if you want. I did I don’t think it effects you either way but the captain praises you for an arrest at the end.

The last part of the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide is finding Adrian at the apartment. The 14th clue that everyone seems to be missing is the “Swine Blood” clue. You get it AFTER interrogating Frank at the bar, but you need a POLICE CAR to get it. On the way to Frank’s apartment, a dispatch comes in explaining that the blood found in the car was swine blood.. clue unlocked. :]. Via NebsiNsaNe.

Once you arrive you have to check the mail boxes to find out where Morgan lives. It is number 2.

Once you get up there he will say he is going to surrender. SURPRISE! Hes making a break for it. Just chase him down and your partner will pull up and block him off. That’s the end of that case.

So there you go the L.A. Noire The Drivers Seat guide and you will get a 5 star rating. It is a rather long case so try not to mess up or you will have to start from the start. I’ll be adding the next big case soon.



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  1. my only question is, why doesn’t the “found all clues” chime go and the investigation music stop at the home. And the “search the home” thing never crosses off. Is this just a programing error?

    1. I’ll go through the case soon I got it 5 stared and got everything done so I know it’s right. The news paper does count for stopping the music I’ve found. Also you have to talk to the wife because she has a couple clues as well.

  2. I closed the case but it stated that I found 13 of 14 clues though I searched until the music stopped in each location. One thing I noticed in the statistics menu is that I had left one notebook interview early. I haven’t a clue as to where or when that happened.

  3. I did this case twice and made sure not to skip anything. Possibly an error or glitch? Kind of frustrating.

    1. It says you have all the clues but got a question wrong?

      Actually now that I look at it I also missed a question. I still got the 5 star rating though I will go back through it after I finish the game.

      Also if you check the rockstar social club website it should tell you all the clues you have and which one is missing. Tell me which square you are missing and I can help you find it.

  4. I’m part of the Rockstar Social Club also. Found out from the website that for Mrs.Black it says Slaughterhouse receipt twice. Must be an error on their part unless I was supposed to mention it twice. I don’t remember getting the option though. Also, the clue on the bottom left is blank. Any idea what clue that was?

    1. My bottom left is the instaheat flyer which is right next to the instaheat receipt. The question you are missing I am missing as well so I don’t know what that is about.

  5. I looked at that instaheat flyer but nothing was even mentioned about it when I was looking at it. Rockstar fails to test there games thoroughly so this could be a problem. Also, Frank Morgan has two questions that I needed to ask him. No option was available though. The questions were Knowledge of Adrian Black and Link to Abandoned Vehicle which is mentioned twice too. I hope the site is lagging behind because otherwise this is a joke. I asked all the question that I could ask. Rockstar failed in this aspect.

    1. One thing you need to understand is that come of the questions need you to mess up on a prior question in order to get access to it so it isn’t that you missed them it’s just that you got all the necessary questions right. I messed up on a Frank Morgan one and got access to a third question but I just restarted after I messed up. When I got it right I didn’t have a choice for the third question.

      Also about the flyer I’m sorry I should told you to look at it closely it has to be flipped over.

  6. Oh, I didn’t know you could flip it over. My detective skills aren’t as sharp as I thought. Thanks for pointing that out. Good to know I didn’t miss any of the other question either. Good work, JH.

  7. Hey guys, you have to check the match box in the kitchen as well, it has the bar address on it if you further investigate it

  8. The 14th clue that everyone seems to be missing is the “Swine Blood” clue. You get it AFTER interrogating Frank at the bar, but you need a POLICE CAR to get it. On the way to Frank’s apartment, a dispatch comes in explaining that the blood found in the car was swine blood.. clue unlocked. :]

  9. Thanks to all for your comments! It’s great to see so many people contributing to one guide 😀

  10. Your guide failed me. Nothing was as planned with Frank and I got both questions incorrect. “Then pick receipt for the hog.” totally fucked me up. Totally. you failed to write PICK LYING. I chose doubt.

    Now I’m replaying from the beginning and a waste of 45 minutes. Thanks. 🙁 funny what a lack of two words can destroy. Watching a different guide now. But thanks for the other walkthroughs.

  11. hey johnny hurricane i’d just like to say thank you, i passed the game but unfortunately didn’t start using your guide until about halfway through the game. I’ve gotten 5 stars in every case that i had your guide with. Now i’m going back to all my 4 star cases making them in to 5 star cases and of course i’ll be following your guides. Thank you!

  12. OK I don’t get it…I have don ethis case 4 times and each time I get 4 stars….14/14 clues 12/12 questions…got the swine clue…got the paper…what the heck???

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