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L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol Guide

L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol Guide

The next case we will be looking at for L.A. Noire will be The Fallen Idol. This guide will help you find all the clues and answer all the questions correctly as well as help you get a 5 Star rating. I’ve read that quite a few people are having difficulty with this case. Follow this guide and it will be no problem. Lets get on to the case. Also there is a newspaper in this case.

The first part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide has you going to the crime scene. Turns out it is right across the street. Let the officer fill you in on whats known so far and lets head into the field. You could start by talking to the girl if you wanted but I feel its best to get all the clues first so you don’t have to go back and forth. So head down to the crash site. Once down there the coroner will talk you and tell you to check the trunk. So lets do that.

The first clue is ripped underwear torn off according to Phelps. The second clue is next to it in the hand bag. A letter from mom.

After that check inside the car and check the license plate on the ground. They don’t give you clues but I hate to miss things. Once you do that speak with the coroner and he will show you a shrunken head and you will get it as a clue turns out it was making her car go fast. That’s all we can get down here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide is talking to the driver June. She is back up the top of the hill. Lets start the questions.

First one about being doped. Choose doubt.

Next question about the passenger. Pick lie then choose the underwear.

Next the fake head. Pick doubt.

Now on to Mark Bishop. Pick doubt. Not a single truth here.

All the questions answered correctly and it’s time to pay the girl a visit.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide will be at the hospital. Here you have to question Jessica. Talk to the nurse right when you enter the hospital and she will point you to her.

Talk to her and start with the first question, crash incident report. Choose lie and pick the underwear again.

Next pick contact with parents. Pick lie again and choose letter from mom.

Now association with Bishop. Choose doubt.

Last pick criminal abuse. Choose truth.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide is following June. Keep your distance and don’t run anyone over or take damage if you can. The will stop at a cafe and you have to go in and spy on her. Take cover at the door. After a couple seconds she will be at the phone. Move in and sit at the table with the paper. This should get you the trophy/achievement The Shadow. You will find out where Bishop lives.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide has you going to Bishop’s apartment. Once you get there you meet Mrs. Bishop. Time to find some clues.

First clue you should get is the saddle in the room.

The second clue is in the bedroom and on the floor by the closet. Quite a bit of money on that check.

Next head into the other room and you should see a photo on a ledge. Grab it for your next clue. Right next to that is another movie prop thing and it is also a clue.

In the room where Mrs. Bishop is sitting on a dresser you should see a photo of two guys. Grab it for another clue. That is the last clue here but there are tons of things you can look at if you want. Time to talk to the wife.

Only one choice here and it’s about the domestic disturbance. Choose doubt.

Next pick where is Bishop. Choose truth.

Now choose check for 20k. Choose lie and pick the check.

Last pick abuse of Jessica Hamilton. Pick doubt. After that use the phone to find out where the Silver Screen prop store is. Get the address and head there.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide is at the prop store. Enter the store and you will talk with Hopgood. He will lead you to the stage. Once there it’s time to find some clues.

Check the shelves first to find some poison as you first clue.

Next check the mirror and find out there is a room behind it. You have to leave and go back to the outside. To the left you should see a workbench with some paint on it. Grab your newspaper while you are here.On the other side you should see two heads one that looks very similar to the one at the scene and one that is all white. They are both clues so look at them closely.

Behind that you should see a fake wall. Investigate it and kick it in. Once inside look at the film reel on the shelf for your next clue.

Then to the right of that look at the next film canister for another clue. Be sure to open it up. Check through the window the camera is pointed out of and the window that points into the bathroom. After that return to Hopgood and question him.

Hopgood questions: Via MeowMix.

Question #1 Association with Bishop: Lie, Evidence = Chloral Hydrate

Question #2 Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth

Question #3 Relationship with Ballard: Lie, Evidence = Empty Film Canister

Question #4 Evidence of Blackmail: Lie, Evidence = 20,000 Check

After the cut scenes you will be on the next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide which is a car scene. You have to drive while your partner tries to shoot out the tires on the other cars. Just keep yourself behind them and you partner will shoot the tires out.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide takes place on a set. Once you get here you will unlock and landmark and have to chase down Bishop. After chasing him up to the roof you will have to escort him out. You will have to face a few goons on the way down. Kill them(head shots if you can it is a trophy/achievement to get 30 of them.) and grab one of there weapons if you want. It is not very difficult at all take cover and pop em when you think you have a good shot. Biggest issue you will likely have is sometimes Bishop will run out and get himself killed.

After the fight you will get promoted and be done with the case and have a 5 star rating. Congrats. That will end it for the L.A. Noire The Fallen Idol guide and all the cases in traffic. See you in homicide.

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