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L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide

L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide

First off congrats on making to homicide in L.A. Noire. You may be wondering what this means for you. Well a couple things. A new partner, new cases and of course a new suit. Enough with that though your first case in The Red Lipstick Murder. This guide will help you get all the answers right and find all the clues as well as get you the 5 star rating. Lets get started.

First thing you will be doing for the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide is going to the crime scene. A cop will fill you in as normal and you can start looking for the clues. Talk to the coroner first since he doesn’t have much info this time around. He will point you to the personal effects of the victim though. Lets head to the letter B first.

Pick up the Globe and you will have to figure out the puzzle to get the clue. Basically make the globe correctly. It opens up and turns into a lighter.

Next head to A. Grab the purse and check the lipstick for your next clue. The brush has nothing on it.

Next move to letter C to find some shoe prints and your next clue.

Last thing to check is the body. Normally we check the pockets but this time she is naked. Check her head for a clue. Then check her left hand for a missing ring and the lat clue here.Off to the Bamba.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide is at the Bamba club. Once you enter you will talk to the bartender and he will point you to the owner.

Time to start the questions. First one suspect seen with the victim. Pick truth. It will also net you a new clue and the trophy/achievemnt Round Heels.

Next question ring stolen from victim. Choose doubt.

Last question knowledge of husband. Doubt yet again. After that go use the phone. You will give the license plate number. It will take a bit of time though so lets head to the next part of the case.

For the next part of the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide we will be at the Henry house. There is a newspaper here as well. As soon as you enter right on the floor you should see the paper. After that its time to find some clues.

Head into the dining room and check the shoe on the floor for your first clue.

Now go check the broken window for your next clue.

Check the fridge for a note and a clue.

Go to the bedroom and check on the dresser for a photo. Then search the ring box. You will then get a clue.

Head outside an interview the Neighbor. She is on the mini map.  She will give you the last clue here. Time to get out of here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide is at Jacob Henry’s apartment. After forcing yourself in it is time to search for clues.

Head into the kitchen and next to the phone is a notepad. On this notepad you have to shade in parts of the paper to reveal and message and your first clue.

Next head into his bedroom and check his shoes. Pretty big shoes. Now lets start the questioning.

First question movements of the victim. Pick lie then Husbands alibi.

Next is last contact with the victim. Pick truth.

Last question is motive for murder. Pick lie and use the death threat note. After a brief fight go to the phone. You get some new info and a new lead. You have two choices here but I picked the police station.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide is at the station. Here you will get to interrogate Jacob Henry and gain some extra points. Lets start the questions.

First question access to murder weapon. Pick lie and use pick husbands alibi.

Next question lipstick markings. Pick truth.

Next question deterioration of marriage. Pick lie and marital problems.

Last question missing jewelry. Pick truth. After that you leave and the captain is not to please. Oh well on to the next part.

The last part of the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide is at Mendez’s apartment. Once you get there check the mailboxes to find out he is in number 16. All the way on the top floor. Once you get there it’s time to search.


Go to his bedroom and follow this order for the clues. First check the shoes. After that check the box on the floor. Pick the lipstick first. Lastly check the murder weapon. After that a cut scene will happen and then the suspect will appear. Que the chase scene. He will of course make it to a car and start driving away. So re chase him in a car. I ended up flipping him over in the end not to shabby.

The will finish the L.A. Noire The Red Lipstick Murder Guide and get you the 5 star rating for the case. Check back later for more case guides.

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  1. In the game la noir i got to the red lipstick murder on homicide and i found all the clues and it still says to examine the crime scene! So what do i do??)

    1. Talk to the coroner? That would be my best guess. If you are stuck I would either suggest using an intuition point if you can, If you can’t it means all the clues are gone. After that ask your partner he will tell you what to do next typically. Maybe even use the phone?

  2. I’ve done this twice now and I keep getting 4 stars. Does Vehicle Damage of $3000 really matter THAT much? Damn game.

      1. I did 18/19 clues and 100% correct questions before coming here. I thought I’d done well but I chose this case to explore the city and try for the max-speed achieve.

        A $10,365 car-damage bill relegated an otherwise stellar case with 2 stars.

        So beware. All damage you rack up during your cases WILL count against you.

  3. I got all the clues except for the shoes at the very end of the case, and I still managed to get 5 stars. Thank god, because I would have hated to start the case over from the beginning.

  4. top guide man, worked a charm, although the letters in the crime scene are printed wrongly in the first bit of the guide, but didnt seem to matter 🙂

  5. I went straight from arresting the husband to Mendez’s apartment, did the chase, and finished the case with 5 stars. I completely skipped going back to the station to question Jacob.

  6. HELP!

    I’m stuck here, big time.

    So, I read the note on the refridgerator, but no new objective popped up, the detectives never talk about talking to the neighbors, and the durn neighbor doesn’t show, anyway. Any idea what the hell is going on? I’ve gotten all the clues…praying Rockstar didn’t give me a faulty disc or something…

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