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L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder Guide

L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder Guide

Next case in L.A. Noire is The Silk Stocking Murder. This guide will help you answer all the questions correctly, find all the clues and get the 5 star rating. Now newspaper in this case either. No big surprise here it is another murdered woman left naked. Let’s get started.

The first thing you will be doing in the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is of course going to the crime scene. This time they just walk you right to the body. Let’s get some clues.

First start at the body. Check the left hand again to see the ring is gone and get your first clue. Check the head for another clue. Check the other hand to get your third clue. Check the stomach as well to cover your bases. That’s all on the body. After that you will have a cut scene.

After that check the A for a clue and some insight from Phelps.

Next check the blood trail for a clue and follow it. You should see a hat. Check it and you will get another clue. Keep following it to some trash cans. Check the shoe inside for another clue. Keep following the trail. You will see a key on a rope. Search it for your next clue. Follow it a bit more and pick up the paper one the ground for another clue.

You should see some blood next to a ladder. Take the ladder up. Go inside the pigeon coup and check the envelope for another clue. Keep following the trail till you find a gold makeup box as a clue. Keep going and take the pipe up. Up top you should see the ring on a rope. Get it for your next clue. Up top you will see a pale. Check it to find out how he did the blood trail and gt a clue. Also check her purse while you are up there for another clue.  That will finish up this part of the case.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is going to Antonia’s house. You will be greeted by the owner of the house. After a cut scene you will have to search for some more clues.Head upstairs to room 5. Let’s start the search.

First check the broken window for a clue.

Then check the dress for a photo and a new clue.

Last check the letter in her suitcase for another clue.That’s it for here.Now it’s time to interview the lady downstairs.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is to interview Barbara. Let’s get to it.

First question possible suspects. Pick truth.

Next is movements of the victim. Choose doubt. Phelps then says some rude things.

Next is evidence of a break-in. Pick lie then pick the broken window.

Last question is breakdown of marriage. Pick lie then use the photo of the bracelet. That’s it for here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is going to the bar. During the cut scene you will be shown a letter. Now it’s time for some questions.

First missing jewelery. Pick doubt.

Next choose movements of the victim. Pick truth.

Head out back and bump into a delivery boy and he will tell you he works for the fruit place. Time to get there.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is at the Maldonado house. First thing is to check the mailboxes to find out where he lives. 304 on the third floor. You kick the door down and a brawl starts. Beat em down then a cut scene will happen. After that it is time for some clues.

Start in the kitchen and look to the right of the sink. you should see a match book check it out. Not a clue but I didn’t want to miss it.

Next to the fridge you should see some shirts hanging up. One of them has blood on it. Check it out for a clue.

You should see a box on the floor. Check it for a clue.

Now head to 302 and talk to the lady inside. You will get a clue from her. After that use the phone. They want you back at the station so let’s go.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is at the station. Once you get there go downstairs and a cut scene will start. You will get a chance to look at both the clues. Do so. After that it is time to interview the husband.

Start with last contact with victim. Pick lie then choose husbands alibi.

Next ask about her jewelry. Pick truth.

Now to divorce proceedings. Pick lie and use the divorce papers.

Last question blood stained shirt. Choose doubt. That will finish your questions with Angel. head to the fruit market.

The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is the fruit market. Once you get there follow the delivery boy and talk to him.

First question is distinctive necklace. Choose doubt.

Next is contact with the victim. Pick doubt again.

Last question is movements of victim. Pick truth. After that we are going to look for some clues.

First head into the back room and there will be a small cut scene. Check the desk for a bloody scalpel as a clue. Next check the file cabinet and open the box using the clue you found at the first scene. After that a cut scene and Clem is on the run. You will have a car chase scene that isn’t  to difficult. The captain will show up and congratulate you and take some booze. Good job.

That is the end of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide and you will get a 5 star rating as well. On to the next case.

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  1. You completely left out the El Dorado bar in this write-up. There’s at least one clue there, because at the end of the mission I only had 16/17 clues and the case notes say “Given the size of Clem’s stash, it was a wonder you didn’t catch him red-handed at the El Dorado”.

    Also, after you talk to the neighbor in 302, you don’t use the phone. Just get in your car and the dispatcher will call you back to the station.

    1. The next part of the L.A. Noire The Silk Stocking Murder guide is going to the bar. During the cut scene you will be shown a letter. Now it’s time for some questions.

      I didn’t put the name because you don;t have the option for two bars. I have all my clues on the rockstar site so I’m sure this is right.

    2. When you go to the El Dorado go out the back door and you’ll see Clem dropping off some boxes.

  2. Cheers for this,

    WQas following other guides up to this point, and all of them gave me 4 stars or less.

    Thanks to you, this is my first 5 star case 🙂

  3. There is a clue at the first apartment. If you press towards the broken window, you go outside. There you can inspect a broken iron rod.

    1. Haha, omg i thought the same freakin thing!!!Leo, the guy that transports and is daTING one of the main characters. i used to watch that show, and i swear that is what i thought wen i saw this guy!!!!lmfao

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