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Where Is The Last Mission In John’s Region In Far Cry 5

Where Is The Last Mission In John's Region In Far Cry 5
Are you missing 1 mission in John’s Region? This guide will tell you Where Is The Last Mission In John’s Region In Far Cry 5 so you can finally 100% this region and discover a hidden main quest that would be quite difficult to stumble on.

There are 44 missions on John’s Region. This includes both Side Missions and main missions. If you have completed all the Side Missions for that region and don’t have any main mission icons left on the map, there’s a good chance you are missing the No Means No mission.

If you check the mountains in the North West of John’s Region, there’s a giant Yes sign on the side of the mountain. You need to destroy it. Take a helicopter up and start to damage the sign. Eventually pieces will break off, once a single piece breaks off you will get the mission.

Simply destroy the rest of the sign to complete the last mission in John’s Region.

Big thanks to NukeDuke98 for passing this information through our Discord server.

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