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Last Of Us Guide – Firefly Pendant Location Guide

Last Of Us Guide - Firefly Pendant Location Guide
The Last of Us is filled with collectibles, there are literally dozens to collect. This Last of Us guide will show you where to find all of the Firefly Pendant’s. This is a work in progress so if you know of any I don’t have yet, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the post.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #1
  • The first Firefly Pendent can be located shortly after the checkpoint to Area 5 is closed down. Continue following the main path until you reach an area with a ladder. Go up the ladder then instead of going down the stairs, head to the room directly in front. The Pendant can be seen on a small table to your left as you enter.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #2
  • Go over the plank and take a look between the buildings. You’ll see grass growing on one side. There’s a tree nearby, shoot the Pendent off the branch to make it fall to the ground.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #3
  • After you meet Ellie for the first time and leave the coffee shop, you’ll see a few Firefly member corpses. Check near the one laying against a mailbox with red beanie hat. You can find the Firefly Pendant on the floor nearby.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #4
  • After you sample the view of the Capital follow Tess and Ellie to the concrete pavilion, near the stairs with all the trees. At the ledge at the far end there’s another Pendent hanging from a tree.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #5
  • Just after you use the workbench look for the gap in the ceiling. Using that as a ramp climb up and shimmy round the ledge to get to the display case.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #6
  • As you approach the Capital Building with Ellie and Tess, they will stick to the right side as Ellie can’t swim. Head to the left and you’ll see an enclosed area with lots of Lilly Pads. Search on the right inside section and the Firefly Pendent is on the floor under the water.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #7
  • Continue through the story until you reach the Subway. After you kill the two guards near the start you continue until the game shows you the diving prompt. Continue forward until you see a platform on the left with a corpse on it. There’s also an Artifact here in the form of the Smuggler’s note and a Supplement the other side. Walk past the corpse, dive underwater and search the small room for the Pendent.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #7
  • Once you arrive in Bill’s town progress until you see a Clicker killed by a Trip Mine. Turn around, climb the Police Car to get on the roof of the RV. You’ll find the Pendant up there.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #8
  • After leaving Bill’s Safe House you’ll eventually get back onto the street with a large church nearby. There’s a red and white truck. Stand behind it and look to the right, there’s a Pendent hanging from the lamppost nearby.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #9
  • After jumping out the Church window proceed through the area with the Clickers to the locked gate. Take a right outside the gate, kill the 2 infected and head into the garden. Inside the house is another Pendant in the laundry room.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #10
  • When you enter the old abandoned military outpost take a right. You’ll see an alley and a large building. Ignore the alley and follow the building all the way down to another alley. The pendant can be found at the end.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #11
  • After you kill the guy that kicks you off the ladder, and have explored the nearby bar, drop down and explore the second bathroom on your left.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #12
  • Just before you reach Henry and Sam’s Safehouse check the toilets to the left. There’s a Pendant inside.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #13
  • After you meet with Henry and Sam on the beach, search the hull of the boat to find another Firefly Pendant.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #14
  • Shortly after you enter the sewers keep your eyes glued to the right hand side. Just inside the entrance you’ll see a small area you can walk through, go inside to find another Firefly Pendant.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #15
  • After Tommy turns the Power back on turn around from the door he’s at and run all the way back. Enter the small room and search the lockers.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #16
  • When you need to get the raft to move Ellie across in the sewers check the destroyed vehicle in the far left corner. Dive underneath to find the Firefly Pendant.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #17
  • After you exit the sewers and start to explore the Suburbs. Walk past the Ice Cream truck and continue to the end of the street, you’ll see a play area for children. Search a nearby tree for another Pendant.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #18
  • After the horse ride, inside the ranch. Ground floor.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #19
  • Inside the University, after you use the generator to open the gate. Take a left and stop at the wall covered in wire. Jump on the dumpster to your right into the first floor room, there’s a Pendant inside.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #20
  • After you’ve cleared the barricades you’ll reach an intersection near some graffiti. Take the right turn and look for a yellow tree, the Pendant can be discovered there.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #21
  • When you drop down in the Dorm’s to the area with the spores, you’ll find a Pendant left over on one of the infected bodies.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #22
  • When you reach the area with the large tents in the University run to the very last tent on the left, there’s a Pendant inside.

  • Firefly Pendant Location #23
  • The room with the screaming monkey’s that jump out the window. Check the far right corner on a shelf

  • Firefly Pendant Location #24
  • When you’re controlling Ellie and you need to lower the ladder. As you walk round the upper platform you’ll see a door on your left. The Pendant is in there.

    Took a short break and got hit with the save bug. A word of warning. If you hit start and it has “Autosaving” permanently and you can’t hit save or load, if you turn off you’ll be starting about 1 hour in. Going to take me a while to get back to the point of the guide. Sorry guys.

    Update: Sadly I’ve still not had the time to dive back into the game but I will update when I get chance. Please feel free to leave any that you find and I’ll update the guide as well as adding your name to credits. Thanks heroes!

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