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League Of Legends Guide: ARAM Tips And Tricks

League Of Legends Aram Tips and Tricks

ARAM in League of Legends in a completely different beast from the normal 5v5 or 3v3. With a different map and less room to move you will need to play a bit different for the win. These tips and tricks should give you the edge in the fight for the howling abyss!

Health Buffs


The health buffs spawn at 3:20 and respawn every 40 seconds. Weigh the risk reward value before going for the hp. Remember the hp only heals you for a very minimal amount and if it means getting you caught in a stun or snare it might be good idea to skip out on it. At the same time baiting an opponent to attempt to steal it from you can net you an easy kill or an ace. If you see your opponent running towards the hp alone you can bait them into it easier by faking that you are going for it also. If you have a stun this normally means a kill or at the very least a good chunk of hp

What Type Of Team Do You Have?

Amumu Team Captain

It should be clear who has the better early game team and who has the better late game team, Ranged and AP carries are normally best early game because tanks and melee don’t have enough items to survive the constant damage. On the other hand if you have a tanky or melee team late game is your friend since you will passively gain enough gold to build the items you need. There is an exception to the rule and that is CC. IF you are a heavy melee team but you have a CC on each champ then odds are even early game with a bit of coordination you can win even against superior ranged damage.



Due to there only being one lane placement should be another thing you watch out for. The little gap between the turret and the wall is a terrible place to be. I see people there constantly and find myself there as well. That is prime skill shot territory and it should just be avoided if possible. The best option is to keep moving and stay behind minions! If you have a skill shot, like that Nidalee spear, watch for people to be running in that spot and take a shot!

Be A Team Player


There are certain champs you will fight that you need certain items to beat. Teemo shrooms, any healer or huge lifesteal/regen champ, or a stealth champion can be easily beaten with a certain item. Most people like to stick to a build that they think will get them the win while ignoring what the team needs. Sometimes you are the best option for a light bringer or a morellocon. If you are it is beneficial to suck it up and grab the item for the win!

Do Not Play Into The Enemies Hand

Shaco Bait

Before it was an official game mode ARAM pretty much just meant constant team fights and forward pushing. Now people camp the turret until the enemy team gets bored and dives costing them the game. If you have a team just camping their turret avoid pushing minions and wait for them to come out before trying to bring them down. IF they have good poke stay even further back so they can’t get the advantage by bringing you down some.

Feed Poro!

Poro Ready To Blow!

Come on everyone has the item just feed a Poro! Normally if you can get a couple of your teammates to feed one and he looks bigger then the other one the enemy team will follow suit. I’ve had Poro explode about 5 times in my ARAM career and I’ve been in over 500 games… That’s a terrible percentage.

If you have anything you’d like to add leave a comment below!

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