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League Of Legends Dominion Champion Pick Guide

League Of Legends Dominion Champion Pick Guide

Dominion is the new game mode in League of Legends. This mode is much different from summoners right and twisted treeline because it isn’t so much about kills as it is holding the bases and winning the game. That said expect a lot of action because the map is small and you have to fight to protect the bases and take them. This is where picking a good champion comes into play. Let’s get to it.

I will be updating this as I play more and more games taking certain champs off and adding new ones as time goes. Sometimes you will get lucky with a bad champ or get rolled with a good one. It’s all about the team typically but being a good champ helps the situation a lot.This guide should offer some help into that.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 1 – Rammus – Okay. No but seriously, power ball and ghost to the windmill and you will make it first almost every time. Not to mention most players play AD so the armor bonus to Rammus is awesome. Honestly though, he is always banned so good luck with that.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 2 – Gangplank – What can be said about GP other then the fact that he is pretty OP at the moment. His crits will drop any squishy in a few hits and his ult can hit anywhere on the map. Taking a base? Nope not anymore, because har har har GP is stopping you. Thornmail is a good counter to him though assuming you can survive a couple crits.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 3 – Akali – This is pretty much a dream for a decent Akali player. You get gold fast and exp fast. Her stealth and burst make her extremely powerful in this mode. Still you need to be decent with her to begin with to pull off the win.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 4 – Twisted Fate – TF has fallen off the map due to his ult being restricted, I assume. This mode though with such a small map and all the other perks, TF can be a power house. Go nearly anywhere anytime, has a stun, and can hit like a truck if you build him right. Just don’t try to 1v5 with him.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 5 – Singed – I personally think that his abilities are op now with his ult. All you have to do is hit q, build tanky and throw a guy if they get in front of you and you will likely kill anyone 1v1 or even 1v2.  It is kind of hard to counter him but if you can get a Kog on your team then you should be able to keep him at bay.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 6 – Lux – I really like Lux and play her often in normals.  Her double snare will make it so if you are defending it will stop them from taking the base and get them hit by the turret a couple times. Lux’s ultimate also has an extremely low cool down with some good range so it can be used over and over to inflict some damage. All that with her AOE ball and shield make her pretty strong.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 7 – Sion AD – I haven’t seen an AP Sion so I can’t vouch for that but AD Sion is a beast. AD Sion does require a lot of gold to be effective and this mode gives you tons real quick. A stun, a shield, and some insane life steal that heals your allies that are nearby? Yeah by the end of the match you can likely take out two no problem, if you build him right. All I know is we won 7 in a row with a great Sion.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 8 – Heimerdinger –  I’m not sure about offensively but with his turrets and stun he is great a defense. Put him at bot and let him defend it. Unless they roll three or four deep they will have some trouble capturing the base.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 9 – Tryndamere – Endless rage now only lasts 5 seconds. Still OP still annoying. In my opinion it needs to reduce his crit chance and damage if he can’t be hurt.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 10 – Karthus – I am iffy about putting this on here because he will likely die a lot. Still the ult that can hit everyone and his circle of death make him a very good player in this mode. The circle and his ult are great for offense and defense. Don’t be afraid to use the ult to stop them from getting a base either.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 11 – Jarvan – Jarvan is one of them champions whose been hit over and over with the nerf bat but is still really strong. He won’t be great early game I’ve found but after a few minutes he will start to do some serious damage. I build him pretty beefy and normally grab a Thronmail to counter any AD carries.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 12 – Xin Zhao – After playing a few games with him and seeing him on enemy teams quite a few times he has certainly made his way on to my radar. He can burn down the squishy really fast and close the gap. He is one of those champs who is a good 1v1 or a good initiator in this mode.

League of Legends Dominion good champions  13 – Jax – Jax is also one of those champs hit with the bat a couple times. This mode makes these kinds of champions shine though because as long as he gets his items and is built correctly he will easily 1v2 and even 1v3 some times. Don’t expect much early game but after the Rageblade and Gunblade, things start to look up.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 14 – Shaco AP – I’ve seen an increase in AP Shacos lately and those jack in the boxes are starting to do some work. Played defensively he’s really strong due to the box and offensively he is annoying with his stealth and box. If you play D expect a few kills of the boxes too.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 15 – Garen – Spin to win as most Garen players know. It doesn’t really fail here either he can take some hits with his shield and silence. No downfall to him since he has no mana bar. Only issue is his ult has a bit of a cooldown.

League of Legends Dominion good champions 16? – Kassadin – I’ve seen good and bad ones. Ideally he is good with and very low cool down flash, a slow and a silence. I’m still testing this one out but if you are good with him you should roll.

As I said above I will update this the more I play. Think you know a champ that’s good at the mode that I don’t? Tell me who and I’ll try them and keep and eye out for them.

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