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League Of Legends Hecarim Jungle Guide

League Of Legends Hecarim Jungle Guide

The newest champ to be added to League of Legends is called Hecarim. He is a fast moving and quick attacking champ, though is a bit squishy at first. This jungle guide is the way I play Hecarim and I’ve had a few streaks with him. So let’s get started.

First off this is not the best guide ever for Hecarim. If you need a hand figuring out how to play him try this and meld it from there if you want.

We will start off with the runes/masteries. The runes/masteries for the League of Legends Jungle Hecarim guide are as follows –

Red – Greater Mark of Desolation x9(+1.66 Armor pen) – Most of Hecarim’s abilities are attack damage based to this will increase the majority of your damage.

Yellow – Greater Seal of Resilience x9(1.41 Armor) – This will keep you in the jungle longer and help you stay alive from the enemy AD.

Blue – Greater Glyph of Warding x9(+1.49 Magic Resist) – Hecarim is a bit squishy at the moment and this will help you avoid being destroyed by AP chars.

Quints – Greater Quint of Swiftness x3(+1.5 Move speed) – This is great on Hecarim because of his passive. First off he can avoid units which makes him great at getting the guys trying to hide behind minions. Second off the higher level Hecarim is the more bonus attack damage he gets from his bonus movement speed.

Masteries – Offense 9 – 1 Summoners Wrath, 3 Brute Force, 4 Alacrity, 1 Weapon expertise

Defense – 12 – 1 Summoner’s resolve, 2 Resistance, 3 Hardiness, 2 Tough skin, 3 Vigor, 1 Bladed armor

Utility – 9 – You need 4 in the first row and how you do it is up to you. I go 3 Expanded mind, 1 Good hands, 4 Swiftness, 1 Runic affinity

With this build you still get a bit of damage while keeping your defense high as well. Also having the buffs for a longer time is a nice bonus.

The items/summoner spells for the League of Legends Jungle Hecarim guide are as follows.

Go with Smite and Ghost. Smite for the bonus gold and faster jungle and Ghost for the increased passive damage and initiate ability.

Now for the items. Start with the cloth armor and 5 hp pots. This will be built into Madred’s razor(Wriggles if you have enough if not wait for it until after the boots).

Get boots next and make them into the ones you think will be best for the match. I normally go boots of swiftness to increase my damage and chase down ability. If they have a lot of CC though it is best to go with the Merc treads. If you don’t have Wriggles yet get that next. Be sure to keep Dragon warded.

Your third item will be Sheen. This will ensure you can deal out some decent damage until we get a bigger damage item.

The next item will depend on how the game is going.

A. Your team is terrible and they are feeding. This happens when you roll solo a lot and it is terrible. This likely means they all do a ton of damage so you will want to beef up everything so either get the Aegis of the Legion for all the stat boosts, or get Warmogs to keep yourself alive longer. Hecarim is a tad under whelming at the moment though and carrying with him would be a bit difficult.

B. The heavy AD/AP enemy. If the enemy team is heavy AP get Hexdrinker(which can later be evolved) to avoid getting smashed. Is the enemy team is AD heavy go with Sunfire or Warmogs. Just expect to be one of the first ones going in.

C. Everything is fine and you can relax a little. You can now rush tri force and really start doing some damage. This is very rare and don’t expect it often. If you aren’t sure just get Warmogs.

After you get some sort of defense you can start to build into Tri force.

For the last items it depends on what your team needs. If you need to be beefy then you would go Warmogs, Sunfire and Banshee’s veil if the damage on the enemy team is evenly distributed. If not grab something like a Frozen Mallet for more hp or build more magic resist if that is what you need.

If the team has an adequate amount of beefiness then you can go Frozen Mallet and Atma’s as your last two items. This will let you live longer and hit harder.

Hecarim really excels at being in the middle of the fight so being a bit tanky is really important to playing him well.

You should level Hecarims abilities as follows – lvl 1 Rampage, lvl 2 Spirit of Dread, lvl 3 Devastating charge, Ult at 6 11 and 16, Max Rampage first followed by Spirit of Dread.

Rampage will be your main source of damage. It is a spammable AOE attack that has reduced cooldown based on how many times you use it and hit enemies with it. It can be reduced to two seconds which makes it very powerful if you are in the middle of them. This is why you max this first. Always try to have the cooldown reduced before you get into a fight.

Spirit of Dread will help you stay in the jungle longer and it is a decent AOE. It has a long cooldown though so is should be maxed second. The life you get back from using it is nice though so be sure to use it whenever you can in the jungle.

Devastating charge can knock someone back and gives you a speed boost. This is best used right after your ult because you want to knock the enemy towards your team. That is the key to this skill is is pretty much pointless if you knock someone out of danger.

Onslaught of Shadows is Hecarim’s ult. You can use it to basically close the gap and fear anyone caught in the ghost line. Try to go beyond the enemy so they get feared the opposite direction and towards your team. This is a great way to initiate if that is what you should be doing.

Next in the League of Legends Jungle Hecarim guide is the jungle route. It is a pretty basic route but just in case people are wondering I will put it.

Start blue and get a leash. After you kill blue go and kill the wolves.

From there go to wraiths and then Golems. Save Smite for red. After you kill red check to see if you can be used anywhere. If so at this point you should be level 3 and have red. Go help someone out if they need if not start killing the respawns. Once you have enough money or are out of pots head back to base. Stay in the jungle and be sure to keep and eye out for ganking opportunities.

After the first blue be sure to give it to someone on your team who can use it. It is very easy to fall behind on exp from trying to gank to much. Try to avoid wasting time on something that isn’t a kill or assist.

The key to a successful gank on Hecarim is knocking the opponent into your teammates so they have to waste flash or die. If they flash you can still continue to chase and spam q to likely pick up the kill.

Remember that Hecarim is a bit squishy as well so if you don’t have any defense items yet and you go in alone to initiate you will likely die.


That will end the League of Legends Jungle Hecarim guide. Let me know how it goes for you or if you have any suggestions in the comments!


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