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League Of Legends Varus Guide

League Of Legends Varus Guide

The newest champion to join League of Legends is called Varus. He is a ranged AD but does magic damage from a couple of his moves. This guide will be for AD Varus and is best played bot with a good support. Let’s get started.

TL;DR version.

Abuse the Q range from bushes to harass your opponents easily. Be wary of the mana cost though.

Summoner Spells – Ignite and Ghost. Flash is also a great choice since Varus has no real escape moves but I prefer ghost.





















Greater Mark of Strength(red – Can also use Armor pen but you lack a bit of damage early game this way), Greater seal of resilience(yellow – Can also use mana regen but you will be much more squishy), Greater Glyph of shielding(blue -), Greater Quint of strength(Or the movement speed one depending on your play style – The armor pen Quints are also a good choice if you want to take the route).

Masteries(Sorry for the pic being so small but I wanted to make it fit) –


Items – Dorans Blade, Berserker’s Greaves(pots if needed), Zeal(I really think he moves to slow for an AD Range so I mainly get this for the additional movement speed, the other stuff really helps as well though.) BF Sword, Blood Thirster or Infinity Edge(Do you need to keep yourself up a bit longer or do you need to burn down the enemy quicker), Upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer, Brutalizer into Ghost blade(Need more armor pen. Don’t forget to use it in fights!), Infinity edge or Blood Thirster(whichever you don’t have), Sell Dorans Blade, This is getting more towards end game so you should know what you need. Blood Razor is great for high hp champs with the addition of the Varus w. You shouldn’t really be getting caught but if you need to be more beefy I’d go with Phage then Frozen Mallet. If you are having trouble kiting then grab another Phantom dancer.

Moves – Get Q first for the AOE in case you need to scare off a couple people in the jungle. Followed by W because of the poke assist. Last the E just for the extra slow. Level the ult every time you can. I normally level my Q first but the W is viable as well. W has no cooldown and is constant dot plus massive HP damage when combined with another skill. Q on the other hand goes through minions and can hit multiple champs, but has a long cooldown. Check how the battle is going if you need to stick back do the q, if you are poking well then get w.

Alright now to the actual LoL Varus Guide. Like I said bot with a good support can make your life really easy. try to get with a buddy in vent or something to snag easy kills. Make sure the support can either take some hits or heal because Varus is squishy. My personal choice is Volibear or Janna because of the amount of CC they both have. Last hit obviously and poke when you can. The W passive can be very annoying to a combo without a heal. DO NOT GET CAUGHT! It will only take one good stun or snare to end Varus. His mana regen is not great so spamming abilities is not advised. Poke with the W and then connect the Q for maximum damage.

Remember that holding Q longer will increase the damage but you end up getting really slow. Sometimes its better to take the shot at an earlier time to avoid being caught!

As the game progressed look for chances to gank. Varus has a slow and a sick snare. Coordinate with your teammates and pick a couple off. Be wary of the ult thought because it has a very small skill shot bar and is easy to miss when under pressure. Always remember that in order to maximize your damage you need to get three auto attacks in then use an ability. Save the other abilities to proc your W unless they are running then stop them if you can.

You should always be behind the beef during team fights. Getting caught is death for you and likely the rest of the team. Save your ult in a team fight until they are all bunched up so you can hit everyone. Ult snare plus w proc into a Q and E will be a massive AOE and really tear up the enemy team if they are all caught in your ult.

If the jungle will let you take red buff and if not try to kill the enemy with red. Red on Varus is just another dot to add to the equation making him even more devastating.

My skill sequence is normally like this Auto attack to get the W on the enemy. If you can get more then one stack then even better but if not just use the Q to increase the damage. After that I try to re get some W on them but if not I will use my E to slow them so I know I can get a few W hits in on them. Ideally they should not known when you are going to go in or not go in. I save R for a runner or won’t use it at all if I can finish the enemy without it.

Since a good support will always have wards be sure to help with Dragon when it pops up. Varus does some crazy damage to the monsters with his dot and proc. If you feel like they are going to just come gank you though try to persuade the jungle to leave it for now. If he will not then he and he gets ganked you tried and you are alive. Some people think they can get it and get out but that rarely happens.

Constant farming is always a good idea on Ranged AD so be sure to keep up with the enemy and surpass them if you can.

To sum up the LoL Varus Guide be sure to poke poke poke when you can. Do not get caught flash and ghost have long cool downs and if you get caught once it could easily happen again.

Get red buff to stack with the other dot!

Help with Dragon and Baron anytime you feel it is a good idea.

Save the ult for team fights if you can! Remember the skill shot is VERY small so make sure to hit it.

STAY BEHIND THE BEEF! Nothing annoys me more then the carry going in first and dying instantly.

Farm farm farm farm! Doesn’t matter how good you are if the enemy carry has 50 more minions then you your team will likely bite the dust before you can clean house.

Potions are very helpful early game if you are having trouble.

That will end the League of Legends Varus Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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