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How To Learn To Pickpocket In Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Learn To Pickpocket In Kingdom Come Deliverance
Want to know how to pickpocket? This guide will tell you How To Learn To Pickpocket In Kingdom Come Deliverance so you can roam the lands freeing nobles from their hefty coin purses or pillaging beggars for the few coin they have. As with many things in the game, there is more than one way to learn how to pick pockets. This guide focuses on the quickest way to learn to pickpocket very early on in the game.

Progress through the main story until you wake up at Miller Peshek’s place just outside of Rattay. Once you wake and go through the brief story segment you are told that you need to repay a debt following your recent troubles. Speak with Peshek and he will ask you to complete a side quest, The Good Thief. Complete that side quest and then speak with Peshek again.

This time you will have the option to ask him to train you on how to pickpocket. Prior to this, you weren’t able to use the pickpocket ability at all. Once you have completed the first stage of training, you will be able to use the pickpocket ability anytime you want.

You need to crouch and enter stealth mode. Then approach a target from behind. Hold the button in the lower right to enter the Pickpocket mini-game. Continue holding the button when a radial dial comes up. This is the risky part. The longer you search the person, the more chance of finding better items, but also the higher chance of getting caught. The yellow bar around the edge also represents the time you will have to take the item once discovered.

Depending on your pickpocket stats, equipment, stealth rating, you may want to go 6-7 seconds but not much more than that. Once you release the button a new menu pops up. You need to navigate the radial menu to the hidden item, reveal it, loot it and then exit the pocket back at the top of the radial menu.

It’s tough but once you get the knack of it, it’s not too bad.

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