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Left 4 Dead 2: Boomer Guide

Left 4 Dead 2
With the recent Steam deal increasing the Left 4 Dead 2 player-base and flooding Versus Mode with inexperienced players, we at Gamers Heroes‘ decided to write a few brief introductions to the Special Infected, what their purpose is and the best way of using their specific game mechanic.

We’ll start off with arguably the most vital Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2, The Boomer. The Boomer’s mutation gives him the ability to hurl out “Bile” at survivors, restricting their vision and surrounding them with flesh hungry infected. Without The Boomer’s special Bile attack, the survivors can shrug off most uncoordinated attacks with ease. His biggest weaknesses are his hit points and sound. If you spawn anywhere near the survivors they can easily pin point the gurgling bubbling noise of the Boomers, resulting in a quick kill of such a vital infected or even a cheeky through-wall shot, your stomach is also full of highly explosive methane gas which usually results in a one hit kill for the survivors… The mechanic of the Bile itself can seem quite random at times but the success of your Bile shot does depend on the accuracy of your aim and the trajectory you’re firing at. A Boomer is perfectly capable of spewing Bile over unsuspecting survivors without giving them line of sight, vomiting an arc over a building ledge for example

If you want to succeed as a Boomer, you need to spawn late and spawn close, you want to be attacking within seconds of spawning so make sure you hold out for the opportune moment. Even in death The Boomer can cause havoc when his methane filled stomach explodes, it creates an area of effect knock-back that will momentarily stun survivors and knock them away from The Boomer, it can be very hard to put into action but a skilled Boomer and some careful planning can quite easily lead to survivors being blown of cliff edges or sent flying out a window, if the survivors they’ll find themselves drowning in Bile as a result of the explosion, sending all nearby infected to to the fleshy feast.


  • Spawn late and close to the survivors, attack within seconds of spawning.
  • Use your Bile wisely, missing your shot usually means you’re going to die having accomplished nothing.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings for spawn locations and possible knock back scenarios.
  • Do not attack alone, make sure other Special Infected are ready to spawn and assist the horde.
  • Only attack single survivors if they’re alone or under the effect of another Special Infected

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