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Left 4 Dead 2: Hunter Guide

Left 4 Dead 2
The final part of our Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected guide focuses on The Hunter, my personal favorite from both generations of Special Infected. The Hunter has one of the most basic concepts for the Special Infected but can also be one of the most challenging to use, various mechanics give you control over your “Pounce” attack, allowing you to perform wall-jumps and other acrobatic feats…

The Hunter is the only Special Infected that allows you to control its ability once you have executed it, although you’re able to pounce from very short distance with little/no control, launching your Pounce attack from great distances really increases the difficulty and effectiveness of The Hunter. The idea of The Hunter is to restrict a Survivor while causing as much damage as possible, the greater the distance of the Pounce, the more impact damage the Survivor receives, this is then followed by your usual slash damage.

The most common problem with Hunter players is their ability to choose when to attack, I see a large amount of players run 15% through a level just to get to a spot where they can hit a 25 damage Pounce. Many Hunters waste game winning chances because they want to hit that special Pounce, it’s awesome when it happens but to cost your team the game  is rather selfish and frowned upon in a team base shooter.


  • Practice the Pounce mechanic. Being able to curve jumps, wall hop and other aerial tricks will greatly improve your chance of high damage Pounces
  • Attack with your team, even if it means attacking from ground level. A lone Hunter can cause 30-40 damage with a good Pounce and a couple of follow up attacks but a coordinated Special Infected attack can wipe a team.
  • Learn the common Special Infected ambush spots and try to find high damage locations based around common attack locations.
  • Hunter training map is a great tool to practice your abilities. You can download the map HERE

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