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Left 4 Dead 2: Spitter

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For the fourth part of our Special Infected guide we explain the tactics and skills needed in order to play a Spitter effectively. Without a doubt my personal favorite from the new Special Infected, The Spitter has the ability to turn a perfectly calm survival situation into total chaos and anarchy. The mutation allows The Spitter to spit vile acid forming a skin corrosive puddle on the floor, any Survivor that remains in contact with the acid receives damage over time, increasing in effect the longer they remain in contact with acid. The introduction of this Special Infected was met with great praise by Left 4 Dead players, the original game was filled with “Corner Camping” and “Shiva Stacking” that meant Survivor teams could often traverse entire levels and receive little to no damage. The introduction of The Spitter has all but eradicated those tactics, you can still gather in an area with other Survivors but a Spitter can really ruin your day…

One of the most interesting attributes to the mechanics of The Spitter is the ability to “Drop” or “Bounce” the spit in order to fire from out of sight locations, or over high objects. When mastered, the mechanic can be used to a devastating effect, having a Spitter constantly spawned creates immense pressure for a Survivor team forcing them to stay on the move and not get comfortable. It’s one of the higher learning curve Special Infected so it can take a while to master the mechanic but it really makes the Special Infected dangerous.


  • Remain out of sight to spit if possible, if you have to reveal yourself retreat quickly to somewhere safe
  • Do your very best to stay alive, not having a Spitter at the right time can be devastating to the Special Infected teams efforts.
  • If a Survivor is down, a spit puddle preventing a team mate from helping them up can earn your team precious spawn seconds or the opportunity for another attack

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