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The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Guide: Eastern Palace Guide

A Link Between Worlds Guide

After you find Osfala she will enter the Eastern Palace and you will have to beat it to find her. This guide will help you clear the place out and take down the boss without any trouble! Let’s get started.

Eastern Palace

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Guide

Once you enter the palace you can go either right or left and both ways lead to a dead end. Use the bow to shoot the switch across the gap and a bridge will lower that you can cross. Before you leave you can hit a switch in the right corner to open another door to some free rupees. Head across the bridge and enter the doorway to the next area.

You can shoot the switch to the left with your bow and go back to open the chest for a red rupee. Cross the next bridge to enter a room with some big boulders rolling down the path you need to take. It goes right then left every time with the occasional big one that takes up both lanes. Just dodge the boulders and hide behind a corner if you see a big one coming. Once you are past the boulders take the doorway on the right and you will see a chest that you can’t quite reach yet. Go on the platform that is going up and down and you will see two switches to the left and right of you. Hit the top one with your bow then wait for the platform to go down and shoot the one below you. After that you can go get the chest and get the small key.

Now go to the other side and enter the room on the left. Once inside the door behind you will lock and some enemies will spawn. They die in one hit so just kill them all after the spawn and the doors will open back up. Go below and take door under the chest to enter a room with a switch on the floor that will reveal a 20 rupee chest for you. Now take the door to the left of the chest and you can take that path to the room chest above you for a compass. After you get the chest go back and you can hit a switch near the closed door to open it up and enter the room with the boulders again.

The last closed door has to be open with a switch that is above the two statues near the door. Once you hit the switch one of the statues will try to kill you. Hit it in the back three times to kill it. The last door leads to the room you go the key in so now it’s time to use the small key. Go to the locked door and you will be put on the second floor of the Palace. Hit the switch in the middle of the room and the four statues will come to life and attack you. Just get behind them and you can kill all of them easily.

First enter the room on the left and you will see more rolling boulders. On the other side of the room you can find a switch on the floor that makes a staircase appear. You will have to sit on the switch until it is fully out then run up it. At the top watch out for the huge boulder then run down the stairs on the other side. Dodge the boulders then stand on the floor switch until the those stairs go into the wall and you can hit the switch underneath. Once you do that a chest will appear and you will get some Monster Guts. Go to the bottom left corner of the room for the switch to open the doors so you can leave.

The next area has the door that leads to the boss but we still don’t have the key. Still go to the door so you can shoot the switch to the left because you will need to go that way soon. Go towards the door on the right and before you enter it look left for another switch you need to shoot. Take the elevating part of the floor and once it goes up shoot the last switch to open the door on the right. In this room you have to go onto the rotating platform and shoot 4 switches in the middle for a chest to appear. Just sit on the outside when the arrows are shooting at you and you can hit all of them in one or two passes. Once you get them all grab the chest and head back over to the locked door.

In the locked room you will have to face off with three skeletons. Corner them and spam your attack to burn them down really quick. Once they are all dead the big chest will lower and you will get the big key. The door above where you came in opened as well so go in there hit the switch inside. Head back out to the boss door area and use the elevating platform to hit the new switch and the way to the boss will flip over. You can now face the boss if you want but there is still one chest left on the map.

In the room with the chest there are three enemies you will have to kill. There are also arrows firing from various directions that you can block with your shield. Kill all of the enemies and open the chest to get a second set of Monster Guts. Use the teleport to go back downstairs and leave the temple so you can save before the boss fight. Head back inside the Palace and enter the boss room.

Wall Ride


Yuga is the boss and she will summon enemies to fight you while she hides in the wall. When she is outside of the wall shoot her with an arrow to stun her then go hit her with your sword until she retreats into the wall. She will get faster and faster as she gets closer to being beat. After you win she will make make you into a painting on the wall and run away. Grab the big heart and merge into the wall to leave the Palace.

That will end the The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Eastern Palace Guide, check back soon for more Zelda guides!

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