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The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Guide: House Of Gales Guide

A Link Between Worlds Guide

In order to gain access to the House of Gales dungeon you will need the Zora flippers and the Tornado Rod. Once you swim to the entrance of the temple you will need to use the Tornado Rod to reveal a hidden switch. Once you open the door head inside and be ready for some fun.

House Of Gales

Tornado Rod

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds House Of Gales Guide

If you don’t have the Tornado Rod rented already go to your house and rent it for the dungeon. You will also want to bring the bow.

In the first room break all the pots and hit the switch on the floor. This will activate some air currents that you need to use the Tornado Rod on to get on the next floor. Once you enter the main room of the first floor you will want to drop down on the right and hit the switch. This will move a wall so you can merge and cross the gap and enter the first room on the right.

In here you will have some annoying flaming skulls spinning around the whole room. They can’t be killed unless you use the Tornado Rod on them first and then it will take a few hits. Once they are dead you can open the chest to get a small key. Now head over to the door that takes the key and enter the room.

Merge onto the moving platform and get off at the chest stop to get the compass. Now get back onto the moving platform and go all the way around until you are on a different moving platform. Once you get to the part with the stairs get off and go up stairs and use the platforms to cross to a switch which will activate some gusts of wind in the room. Exit the room on the top level and you will be back in the main room just on the grate above. Hit the switch to activate another wind gust then shoot the switch across the gap to activate a huge fan in the room. Use the gust of air above you to cross the gap to the other grate and enter the room to the left. Clear the room out and enter the room below. Once you are there merge into the wall and go all the way down to the white rupee chest.

Go back to the grate above and cross the gap so you can use the fan to go to the second floor. Go down and you will see a rolling spike trap you will have to jump with the Tornado Rod. Enter the room on the left and go through the doorway in the bottom of the room. Pull the switch on the right and the boss key will appear. Open the chest and you will be surrounded by flames and some statues will attack you. Kill the statues then use the Tornado Rod to clear out the fire. Now head back into the room you left and go up the stairs and out the door on the left. Merge with the wall near that doorway and get the small key.

Now go through the locked door in the on the bottom of the second floor. Once you are outside drop down and pull all three of the switches and kill all the enemies that spawn. Once the platform starts moving use the Tornado Rod charged up and land on top of it so you can pull the last switch. After that merge into the wall near the locked door and go around the corner so you can step on a floor switch. Go back and use the Tornado Rod to clear the fire so you can grab the key. Enter the locked door and you will have a mini boss fight. Use the Tornado Rod to put the fire out on the lizards then strike them until they die.

Exit out the door to the main part of the second floor. Go down the stairs and enter the room on the left. You can step on two switches at first, pick the one furthest from the door. Then hit the switch at the top to cross the gap and then the top switch again and leave the room. Follow the path around and hit the switch on the floor to stop some of the fan. Merge with the wall and cross the gap and enter that room. Take the stairs up then drop down to hit the switch below, watch out for the statue. Merge with the wall to cross the gap then leave the room and go back up into the room you were just in. Merge with the wall above and get off at the moving platform so you can hit the switch. This will activate the fan in this room so you can go up to the third floor.

Once on the third floor merge with the wall and go to the bottom of the room and get off. Go up to the stairs and light the torches in the next room to get access to the next room. In the next room you will have to kill a ton of those flaming skulls, use the Tornado Rod while they are over the gap and they will fall to their deaths. Exit out of the room and use merge to cross to the other side of the next room. Grab the chest and go use it on the locked door so you can go to the boss. Before you go fight the boss grab the other chest for a purple rupee. In order to get to the boss room you will have to use the Tornado Rod to get on the second platform.

House Of Gales Boss


The weak point on the boss is the eye. Use the Tornado Rod to get on top of the boss and use your sword on the eye. When he goes into his shell you will have to avoid him and shoot him with your bow until the eye comes back out. Once the eye comes back out use the Tornado Rod on him and then strike the eye again. When he is spinning and his eye is hidden you can also hit him with your sword but only do that if he is going to knock you off the cliff. Once the eye comes out again use the Tornado Rod and finish him off!

That will end the The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds House Of Gales Guide, check back soon for more Zelda guides!

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