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The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D: Finding The Goron Mask

The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D: Finding The Goron Mask

The Goron Mask is one of the main masks you need to progress in the game. All you know forsure is that is it some where in the Mountain area but finding it is up to you. This guide will help you find the Goron Mask so you can get to the second temple.

The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D: Finding The Goron Mask

First things first you will need to get a Bomb bag for 90 rupees from the bomb shop in Clock Town.

Bomb Bag

In order to gain access to the Bomb bag you will first have to help the woman that brings it into town the first day. Go to North Clock Town and make the time 11pm and you will see a creeper near the slide in that area. At midnight he will steal the bag a woman is carrying and you will have to slice him with normal Link. After you get the bag back the woman will give you the Blast Mask and you can go to the shop and buy the Bomb bag.

Once you have the Bomb bag leave out the exit in North Clock Town. Go up towards the Mountain and you will need to use the bow to knock the ice down and clear your path. After you clear the path to the Mountain go through and you will be in the snowy Mountains. There is only one path at the moment so follow it until you reach giant snow balls blocking your path. Use the bombs on those to clear the path and keep going until you reach the next area. There is a building in this area but you can ignore that for now. Head to the east path, right on the map, and go towards the Goron Village.

Once you leave the area with the building take the wooden bridge path and roll past the white wolves. Keep going down that path and you will enter the Goron Village. If you go to the east, right on the map, you will find the Owl perched on a pole. Talk to him and tell him you will go or something to that effect. He will lay feathers on invisible platforms you have to jump onto so you can cross the gap. Once you cross you can get the chest with the Lens Of Truth in it.

Lens Of Truth

With the Lens on you can cross the gap back to the Goron Village easily. Once you cross talk to the Goron ghost and follow him. He will lead you back to the Mountain Village area you were in earlier. The Goron will cross over the ice covered lake so you will have to jump across. I’m not sure if normal Link can do it because I used Deku Link to bounce. Once you cross use the Lens to find a path you can climb up. Go up, right, up, left, up, right and up to reach the top and enter the cave. Once inside play the Song of Healing for the dead Gorn and you will get the Goron Mask.

With that mask you can make your way to the second temple and move on with the game!

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