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The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D: Getting Into The Bomber’s Hideout

The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Bombers Code

After you find the Great Fairy in Clock Town you will need to gain access to the Bomber’s Hideout. You will have to do a small mini game and then you will get the Bomber’s code. This guide will help you find all the Bombers and get into their hideout!

The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D: Bomber’s Hideout Code

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After you leave the Great Fairy’s Fountain with you bubble shot you can start this quest. In North Clock Town you can see a Bomber shooting at a balloon in the air. Aim your bubble shot up there and pop the balloon yourself and talk to the Bomber. He will tell you if you can pass his test you will get the code for the hideout. Accept the quest and you will have until the day changes to find them all. Hit the home screen to pause the game if you need to read where to go next.

Bomber 1

Since you start in North Clock Town we will start with that Bomber. Go to the area with the slide that you can’t climb up at the moment. The Bomber is behind that in the corner. Use your spin attack to get enough speed to catch him.

Bomber 2

Next go to East Clock Town and you can get one of the Bombers two ways. I used the plant near the bottom of the Inn to launch up to the area with the bell and you can find him running around up there. This is easier because if you come through the Inn he will run off the edge and you have to chase him. The plant is near the two guys juggling.

Bomber 3

After that go to South Clock Town and you can see a Box in the middle of the area that looks out of place. Use you attack to break it open and quickly catch the Bomber for number 3.

Bomber 4

There is also a Bomber in West Clock Town near the Post office. If you go in from the north part of South Clock Town you can corner him quickly and catch him. If you come up from the south you might spin to far and go out of the area.

Bomber 5

The last Bomber can be found in the Laundry pool area in a box. Go in and break the box with you attack to stun him then you can catch him.

After you catch them all they will tell you the code, which was 12453 for me. You need to be a human to get the Bomber’s notebook so we will come back for that. With the code go to East Clock Town and you can enter the hideout and go find out what Skull Kid is up to.

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