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LEGO Jurassic World Guide: T. Rex Enclosure Guide

LEGO Jurassic World Guide: T. Rex Enclosure Guide
The T. Rex Enclosure is the fourth level in Lego Jurassic World. Here you will need to save both the kids from the jeep and the escape the T. Rex. This guide will help you get through the level with no trouble at all!

LEGO Jurassic World Guide: T. Rex Enclosure Guide

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When the level starts you will have to stop the T. Rex from attacking the car. There are a ton of things to break for extra Lego pieces around so do that if you want them. Go next to the bathroom and you can build one of the three goats you need for this level. To stop the T. Rex you will need to cut the bamboo near the the DNA stand to get the valve. Use the Valve near the DNA strand and then build the item near the T. Rex. Use the box you built to distract the T. Rex and go dig under the car the kids are trapped in.

Build the item with the Lego blocks and then jump on it until you can free one of the kids. When you free Lex, use here scream to break the glass in the back of the jeep. After Ian uses the flare, go to the front of the jeep and use the bricks to build a winch. Use the winch to connect to the second jeep and try to get the second kid out. You will get another cut scene and then end up down below.

Down below you will want to watch out for a Spitter Dinosaur, just beat it down if it appears. You can free a pig near the back of the tree for a mini kit. Dig up the red valve near the save point and use it back at the water grate. Build the device and toss Lex up there, she can jump higher. Cross the gap and use here rock to build a ladder to get Alan up. Alan will need to cut the bamboo plants with his Raptor claw. When you cut it use the vine to cross over to the other side.

On the next platform, climb up the tree branch to the top and use Lex’s rock on the target. Cross over to the next platform and use the Raptor claw to cut out some Legos. Use the Legos to make a trampoline to jump up to the vine. Cross the pillars and use the mushroom to get up to the next platform. Use Lex to wall jump up the purple and blue walls, jump from one to the other and go up. At the top use Lex to hit the target and it will knock down a vine for Alan to climb. Use Alan on the vines and then use Lex to break the glass on the window. Once you grab Tim you will switch over to the jeep escape.

This is pretty straight forward, move from left to right to get extra Lego bricks. The Amber is on the road as well so watch out for that. Once the T.Rex goes up to the higher ground you can run it over and collect it. When the T.Rex starts to charge you just drive to the other side of the road when it gets close to avoid it.

That will end the LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Enclosure Guide, check back soon for more!

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