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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Minikit Guide

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Minikit Guide
This Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Minikit Guide is designed to help you locate the Minikit’s in the game. These are small ships in bottles hidden around each level. There are 10 per level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean however they will not all be accessible until you have unlocked certain characters for use in freeplay mode.

Freeplay mode allows you to switch to other characters at your leisure, but only on levels you have completed in story mode, instead of playing the story mode characters only. this is the only difference as far as i know. However this gives us opportunity to come back and complete it later to a fuller extent.

Chapter 1: Port Royal

The first Minikit in Port Royal you can physically see is not reachable until you have unlocked a character later on in story mode so we will come back to this one later.

Once you have reached the Prison in which Jack is locked up you may or may not notice there are 7 hanging handles which your character can jump and grab onto. These are located in a nice line for you so they are not hard to find. Jump and grab onto all 7 of these to obtain your first Minikit in Port Royal.

Also inside the prison you will come across skeletons that hang from the wall. Each of these skeletons have a big obvious target right? Use Will Turners throwing axe ability to free these. again you will not be able to complete this task without first having a character unlocked. Marty is your man here. Marty has the ability to break silver Lego blocks using his gun. you would have noticed the silver Lego jail bars . the last skeleton is in that cell. Come back to Port Royal later with Marty in freeplay mode after you have completed chapter 2 of Curse of the Black Pearl in story mode.

Outside the prison there is a small courtyard. To the north is a climbable wall. You must climb up and walk across the top of the wall all the way to the right until you reach the blue flag. There are 3 of these across port royal. You will notice the flag will rise to the top of its pole if you have collected it.

The second flag is on the next part of this level , the beach in fact. You need to access the roof of the noticeable building most central to the area (The one that sits on the beach). To do this simply climb the palm tree until your at the very top. At the right side of the roof is your second blue flag.

The third and final blue flag is probably the most annoying. you will need to use jacks compass to locate pieces of Lego which then need to be dug up by your faithful dog. ( where was that in the movie? its news to me too) once you have dug them out of the ground build a bridge. You have to do this to leave the area anyway so no problem right?

Okay, so you have your bridge, now all you need is a barrel. Ride one of the two barrels over the slim bridge you have made and ride it over to the wall by the gate just below the guard in the window. You will need to use the Y button to jump off of this barrel into the window. Two birds with one stone, we find another Minikit inside this room to the left of where the guard was standing.

Now for your final blue flag and another Minikit just simply jump out of the window onto the top of the gate. Your third blue flag will spawn the Minikit.

Okay, so jacks compass comes into play again. You need to look for what looks like a simple Pillar or post so select the icon that looks as such and follow it until you have another pile of Lego at your feet. again the dog will be needed to dig up these pieces. Build it and you have a shorter post which you can easily jump onto. Jump across the pillars leading out to sea and on your fourth jump you will collect another Minikit.

Again at the beach simply find 3 piles of lego along the shore line and make them into boats. now there are 5 in total but only 3 of them are found in this area. All easy to find just simply walk up and down the shoreline until you have 3 boats made. The last two boats can be found in the very next area, just before you reach 2 barrels that you use to walk and breathe underwater. Again, very obvious to spot 2 piles of Lego on the floor. Once you have completed your fifth boat, your next Minikit spawns for you to collect.

These are all of the Minikits accessible in Port Royal at this point. for the rest you will need to come back at a later time in freeplay mode.

Chapter 2 : Tortuga

3 Minikits are obtainable during Tortuga’sstory mode for the first time here but first you will have to find two of the 4 crew members needed to complete the level and a shovel which can be found near where you meet Marty. Just smash some crates to the right of where Marty is standing and it will be visible.

So our first Minikit in Tortuga can be found at the pig sty under what must be a Lego pile of pig waste. (no seriously..) You need that shovel I was talking about. pretty straight forward. Dig for Minikit number 1.

Next head for the tavern. Marty will be required for this one. On the second floor head left so your heading towards the bottom of the screen, you will notice a silver Lego gate, use Marty’s gun to blow it up.that’s Minikit number two found.

The third and final one obtainable on our first try Tortuga story mode, you will need Anamaria the female crew member, the Minikit is outside the tavern. go outside on the second floor or simply jump up from the ground floor and have maria double jump across the two green poles sticking out from the wall. Anamaria can swing across them and gain access to the other side. once across head south west until you come across a ladder. Climb this ladder and hop onto the roof at the far end of the roof you will find the Minikit in plain sight.

Now you have these three Tortuga Minikits feel free to complete the level. As for the rest, we will need to come back during freeplay mode with more crew members. Arrrrgh!

Check back for updates on the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Minikit Guide

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