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How To Level Up Followers Quickly In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

How To Level Up Followers Quickly In Middle Earth Shadow Of War
Middle Earth: Shadow Of War features tons of unique followers you can recruit and level up. This guide will tell you tricks for How To Level Up Followers Quickly In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War so you can defend your fortress against other players and launch deadly attacks against the forces of Sauron.

So you understand the basics of building an army in Shadow of War. You’ve found some good Followers with some good traits but they are lacking in level. This is quite common as you need to use Shame a lot in the earlier parts of the game, which reduces the level of the Follower. However, all is not lost.

How To Level Up Followers Quickly In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

There are a few ways you can level up your follows quicker in Shadow of War. Using a combination of different tactics it’s very easy to ensure your Followers remain at maximum level – which is whatever level your main character is currently at. Below is a list of different tricks you can use to maximize experience points for your Followers to keep them at your level.

Once you have unlocked the Ring slot in the inventory menu, purchase the Gem slot for it. This allows you to slot a Gem inside the Ring slot. You need to equip a Wealth Gem, the white gem, to the Ring Gem Slot. This adds additional levels to a Captain whenever they are Dominated. There are 5 different ranks of Wealth Gem, each offering a +1 level. So at maximum level, you can instantly increase a Captain’s level by 5 when dominated.

The Fight Pits
The Fight Pits are one of the quickest ways to level up your Followers but it can be dangerous. If they die, you lose them. Once you defeat a Fortress in any region you unlock a mission to unlock the Fit Pits in that area. Once you complete the introduction mission you can return to the Fight Pits and have your Followers engage in arena battles. If they win, they are rewarded with a lot of experience points. For more information on winning in the Fight Pits, check out our Shadow of War Fight Pits Guide.

Follower Orders
On the Army screen you can issue orders to your Followers. You can ask them to infiltrate a Fortress, help an ally or take down an enemy. These can be a little long if you leave it to the automatic cycle as you have to wait for 3 turns before the battle is over. However, if you mark either your Follower or his target as active, you can find the location of the battle and speed things along. This quite often rewards 3-4 levels, is very quick to do and sometimes you even find a worthy adversary to join your cause.

We’re working on more tips for How To Level Up Followers Quickly In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War as we progress through the game. If you’ve come across any techniques we’ve missed, post a comment below.

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