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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Combo Meal Effect Bonus Guide

Every restaurant in Infinite Wealth has hidden buffs through meal combos. This Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Combo Meal Effect Bonus Guide lists all of the restaurants across all three regions of the game, X, X, and X, allowing you to score huge XP, attack, and friendship bonuses through the Combo Meal Effects.

Each Combo Meal Effect has two main components. Firstly, you must ensure you eat the correct combination of food. There are always 2 or 3 specific pieces on the menu. The second component is the social component. Some Combo Meal Effect’s have a small speech bubble next to the combo. If there is a no entry sign, this means you do not have the appropriate members in your party. However, even if you cannot unlock the social chat, you can still unlock and gain the benefits of that Combo Meal Effect.

The list below is every restaurant in the game, divided into the region it can be found, and organized in alphabetical order.

Honolulu Combo Meal Effects

53 By The Sea

(Boosts EXP)

  • Takin’ You To Tomatown – Tomato Brioche 3pc + Bouillabaisse + Saffron Risotto (Chitose, Kasuga, Adachi, Tomizawa)
  • Nuts For Coconuts – Shrimp Ceviche + Haupia Pineapple Crepe Cake
  • For The Greedy Glutton – Chilled Seafood Showcase + Surf And Turf

Ahi Poke Garden

(Slight Magic Boost)

  • Gingerously Seasoned – Ginger Ahi Poke + Oxtail Soup + Ginger Ale (Joongi, Tomizawa, Adachi, Chitose)
  • Can’t Kelp Lovin’ Seaweed – Ahi Poke + Seaweed Salad (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Adachi)

Aloha Seaside

(Slight Evasion Boost)

  • Mango Mania – Mango Smoothie + Mango Shave Ice (Tomizawa & Chitose)
  • Tropical Overload – Tropical Juice + Fruit Parfait (Kasuga, Adachi, Joongi)
  • Standard American Grub – Ice Kona Coffee + Hot Dog + Potato Wedges

Black Hibiscus

(Boosts Willpower)

  • Wrapped Up And Fried Trio – Egg Rolls + Crab Rangoon + Sesame Ball (Chitose, Kasuga, Joongi, Tomizawa)
  • Drowning In Oyster Sauce – Cashew Chicken + Broccoli Beef + Mongolian Beef (Kasuga, Chitose, Adachi)
  • Shrimply Amazing – Har Gow + Saimin + Mixed Fried Rice (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Adachi)

Bookie Woogie Steak House

(Boosts Item Drop Rate)

  • Red Queen’s Prime – Tenderloin Steak + Red Wine (Kasuga, Chitose, Tomizawa)
  • Heart Of A Child – Kids Plate + Orange Mango Juice (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Chitose, Joongi, Adachi)

Cafe Soramame

(Boosts Money Earned)

  • Back To The Grind – (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Chitose)
  • A Full-Bodied Taste – Blue Mountain + Earl Grey Tea (Kasuga, Adachi, Joongi, Chitose)
  • Healthy Breakfast – Kona Blend + Sandwich Set + Eggs Benedict

Cream & Berry (Waikiki, River Street, )

(Slightly Boosts Defense)

  • Berry Many Berries – Fruit Pancakes + Strawberry Parfait + Acai & Blueberry Smoothie (Chitose, Adachi, Joongi, Kasuga)
  • Aloha Kakahiaka! – French Toast + Eggs Benedict + Kona Blend (Kasuga, Chitose, Adachi)
  • A Terrific Tea Time – Macadamia Nut Pancakes + Darjeeling Tea

Diamond Head

(Slightly Boosts Item Drop Rate)

  • Up In Smoke – Bourbon + Smoked Cheese + Beef Jerky(Kasuga, Adachi, Joongi)
  • Vodka Zakuski – Vodka + Caviar + Pickles(Kasuga, Tomizawa)
  • Tequila Fiesta – Tequila + Nachos + Lamb Chops

Hop Shrimp

(Boosts Magic)

  • Start With The Classics! – Garlic Shrimp + Macaroni Salad + Ginger Ale (Chitose, Koichi, and Ichiban)
  • Blessed Coconut Flavor – Coconut Garlic Shrimp + Coconut Shrimp + Coconut Smoothie (Kasuga, Tomizawa)

Oahu Burger

  • Avocade, Never Avocadon’t – Avocado Burger + Cobb Salad (Kasuga, Adachi, Chitose)
  • The American Staple – Hamburger + Potato Wedges + Cola

Ocean Boys

(Slightly Boosts Attack)

  • Island Cocktails – Mai Tai + Blue Hawaii + Lava Flow (Chitose, Kasuga)
  • Good Ol’ Beer! – Beet + Garlic Edamame (Chitose, Kasuga, Adachi, Tomizawa)
  • Cheers To Seafood! – White Wine + Fried Calamari + Coconut Shrimp

Onaga Maritime Fare

(Slightly Boosts Money Earned)

  • You Mayo Dig In! – Fried Calamari + Macaroni Salad (Kasuga, Joongi, Adachi)
  • In A Pickle? – Smoked Oysters + Lumpfish Caviar + Pickles
  • Fresh Is Best – Ahi Poke + Green Salad


(Boosts Defense)

  • Be Spicy! – Nachos + Lamb Chops (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Chitose)
  • Best Paired With Red – Red Wine + Braised Beef Tendon + Smoked Oysters (Kasuga, Adachi, Joongi)
  • Enjoy The Appetizers! – Charcuterie Assortment + Assorted Olive Platter

Shinobi Sushi

(Attack Boost)

  • Pipin’ Hot Peace – Kitsune Udon + Osuimono (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Adachi, Chitose)
  • Sushi Gone International – California Rolls + Spider Roll (Kasuga, Tomizawa, Adachi, Chitose)
  • Luxurious Indulgence – Premium Nigiri Set + Chirashi Bowl + Cold Sake (Joongi, Tomizawa, Adachi, Chitose)


(Slight EXP Boost)

  • An All White Affair – Shrimp & Urchin Appetizer + White Wine (Chitose, Kasuga, Adachi, Tomizawa)
  • A Delightful Surprise – Salad Du Jour + Soup Du Jour + Dessert De Jour (Chitose, Kasuga, Adachi, Tomizawa)
  • Delectable Red – Pate De Champagne + Chateaubriand Steak + Red Wine (Chitose, Kasuga, Adachi, Joongi)

Isezaki Ijincho Combo Meal Effects

Bar Rodriguez

(Slightly Boosts Willpower)

  • Thrown In The Deep-Friend End – Crunchy-Fried Chicken Skin + Shrimp Karaage (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Eat Your Veggies! – Spicey Cucumber Tataki + Chilled Tomatoes + Caesar Salad (Nanba, Kiryu, and Saeko)
  • Wild About Whiskey – Suntory Old Whisky + Hakushu

Cafe Brave

(Slightly Boosts Magic)

  • Barley And Milk – Cream Latte + Fresh Milk + Pain d’Epi (Saeko, Nanba)
  • Bitter Coffee And Sweets – Mocha + Special Pancakes
  • A Cafe Staple – Blended Coffee + Sandwich Set

Eomeoni’s Vow

(Slightly Boosts EXP)

  • Ric Rice Rice – Bulgogi + Rice (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Eomeoni’s Golden Set – Samgyeop-sal + Eomeoni’s Kimchi + Beer
  • Chicken And More Chicken – Samgye-Tang + Dak-galbi

Gindaco Highball Tavern (Isezaki Road)

(Boosts Magic)

  • The Perfect Duo – Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki + Highball (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Teryaki And Egg + Saucy Yakisoba + Mega Highball
  • Spicy, Meet Spicy – Spicy Deep-Fried Onions + Ginger Highball

Kappo Katsumi

(Boosts Attack)

  • Seasonal Delight – Matsutake Rice + Seasonal Stewed Dish (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Swimming In The Drink – Bonito Tataki + Yellowtail Daikon + Fisherman’s Choice Junmai Ginjo
  • Chef’s Special – Course Du Jour + Sweets Du Jour

Le Nouveau Hama

(Boosts EXP)

  • Seafood A La Carte – Grilled Lobster + Shrimp And Urchin + Seafood Tartare(Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • French Fragrance – Homemade Baguette + Red Wine + White Wine (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • High Quality Cuts – Tournedos Rossini + Roasted Duck + Lamb Chops with Basil Sauce

M Hold’Em (Jinnai)

(Boosts Item Drop Rate)

  • Funky Friday – French Fries + Tortilla Chips + Chicken Nuggets
  • All Or Nothing – AA + All-In
  • King And Queen – KK + QQ

Meng Wu

(Slightly Boosts Defense)

  • Running On Steam – Chinese Sticky Rice + Har Gow (Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Snacks, Cheers, And Booze – Stir-Fried Greens + Beer + Shaoxing Wine
  • Mapo Tofu Soy Delicious – Mapo Tofu + Rice


(Slightly Boosts Attack)

  • Omelet Hayashi Rice? – Omurice + Hayashi Rice (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Cream De La Cream – No-Bake Cheesecake + Cream Latte
  • A Refreshing Cup of Joe – Kona Coffee + Shakerato

Pocket Cafe

(Boosts Willpower)

  • Dairy Appreciator – Cream Latte + Hot Milk (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • Berry Good Match – Strawberry Parfait + Special Pancakes (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • Coffee Connoisseur – Blended Coffee + Blue Mountain + Mocha

Sesil Cafe

(Slightly Boosts Money Earned)

  • Strawberries And Cream – Strawberry Parfait + Special Shortcake (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Afternoon Tea – Earl Grey Tea + Scone
  • The Bitter And The Sweet – Blue Mountain + Special Pancakes

The Harbor Light

(Slightly Boosts Evasion)

  • Cooked To Perfection – Original Beef Curry + Pickles (Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Saeko)
  • International Cravings – Pasta Sticks + Spicy Beef Soup (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • Got The Munches – Potato Wedges + Edamame

Wette Kitchen (Isezaki Road)

(Slightly Boosts Agility)

  • The Original – Wette Burger + Wette House Coffee (Saeko, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • Mr. Chicken & Mr. Cow Go First – Wette Egg Burger + Fresh Milk
  • The Perfect Acidity – Tomato Onion Soup + Iced Lemon Tea

Yoronotaki (Isezaki Road)

(Boosts Evasion)

  • Pleasantly Aromatic – Ice Brulee + Oolong Tea + Kaku Highball (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee)
  • An Addictive Combination – Salted Yakisoba + Otokoume Sour
  • For Starters! – Edamame + Friend Chicken Thighs + Draft Beer Medium

Yoshinoya (Isezaki Road)

(Boosts Defense)

  • A Mountain To Conquer – Beef Bowl (Super Extra Large) + Super Large Stamina Bowl (Saeko, Kiryu, Nanba, Seonhee, Zhao)
  • The Mightiest Meal – Chicken Karaage Set + Beef Plate & Kalbi Set + Beef Plate & Chicken Karaage Set
  • The A-Fish-Ionados Combo – Beef & Salmon Set + Eel Over Rice

You Tian

(Boosts Agility)

  • Simple, But Popular – Kanitama + Fried Rice (Kiryu, Zhao)
  • Ten Total Dishes – Mixed Fried Rice + Mixed Noodles
  • Dim Sum Course – Shumai + Har Gow + Almond Jelly
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