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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Personality Choices And Consequences Guide

During your playthrough of Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, you will run into choices that affect Ichiban’s personality. Check out this Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Choices And Consequences Guide to know which choice to make. This way, you can build the personality stats you want to.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Choices And Consequences Guide

Each of the different personality trees unlocks unique abilities and access to new facilities. As such, there are several approaches you can take. You can hyper-focus on lesser personality types or branch out into multiple different avenues. For ease of use, we have included color coding on all of the choices so you can quickly and easily navigate through each choice and choose the answer that gives the personality experience points you desire.


Chapter 1 Choices
Chapter 2 Choices
Chapter 3 Choices
Chapter 4 Choices
Chapter 5 Choices
Chapter 6 Choices
Chapter 7 Choices
Chapter 8 Choices

Chapter 1 Choices & Consequences

What should I say to Hamako?
Nanba or Adachi?
Beef Bowl or Spicy Curry
Nanba Outfit or Adachi Outfit choice
Be like Nanba or be like Adachi
Talk about Nanba or talk about Adachi
Be like Nanba and move on or cover like Adachi
A guy like Nanba or a guy like Adachi
Nancy Crayfish choice
Kei Intro choices

Chapter 5 Choices & Consequences

Tomizawa bar Conversation
Labyrinth Bum Choice
We Gotta Find A Way
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