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List Of All Playable Characters In Fairy Tail

List Of All Playable Characters In Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail boasts a massive roster of characters. This List Of All Playable Characters In Fairy Tail tells you the name of each character you can recruit into your team, as well as a screenshot showing the characters strengths and weaknesses in combat – giving you all the information you need to build the perfect team.

These are all the characters we have unlocked in the game. We will not spoil any information on how they are unlocked but if you want to know, check out our guide on how to recruit all characters. Some of the stats are inflated as this was post-game, after we had completed the main story and the Epilogue. However, if you’re hoping to see if your favorite characters are playable, check out the list below.

List Of All Playable Characters In Fairy Tail

Ignoring Ichiya for obvious reasons, who do you think is going to make your party in Fairy Tail? Lucy and Natsu worked fantastically early on with the damage of Natsu and Lucy’s healing abilities, it makes a lot of the early game content very easy. Switching in Jellal and Sting later into the game added more power to the team but damn, nobody comes close to Gildarts.

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