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Little Dragons Cafe Ingredients Gathering Guide

Little Dragons Cafe Ingredients Gathering Guide
To make the best recipes, you need the best ingredients. This Little Dragons Cafe Ingredients Gathering Guide explains the basics of gathering ingredients including ingredient rarity, where you can find ingredients and how to best use the Garden to fill out your Food Storage.

At the beginning of the game you are introduced to gathering mechanics of Little Dragons Cafe. They are very simple in themselves, so they shouldn’t be too difficult for you to pick up. Once you understand the basics mechanics, it’s time to explore.

Little Dragons Cafe Ingredients Gathering Guide

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When you are exploring the world of Little Dragons Cafe look out for nodes that are surrounded by butterflies or other small flying bugs. This means they are ready to be harvested. Harvesting them is as simple as approaching it and using the button that appears on the screen. They respawn after a few in-game hours, almost guaranteed that most will respawn overnight.

You can harvest ingredients from bushes, rocks and sometimes trees. There are also small cave like entrances that you can search, but you need to have your dragon within range. It will enter the small hole and return with ingredients, usually meat. Finally, you can fish at various fishing spots and use the Garden and Fish Trap. Items also have a rarity attached to them. Fresh is common, then it’s Rare and Shiny. Using rarer ingredients results in a higher quality recipe that increases your restaurant reputation and customer satisfaction.

The Garden is arguably the best way to get resources and ingredients quickly. Whenever you find an ingredient for the first time, it is added to your overall list of possible ingredients. When the Garden is ready to harvest, you can collect it and you will receive a variety of different ingredients from all those you have obtained before. You can use Dragon Manure to drastically reduce the time it takes for the Garden to finish.

You can also use Dragon Manure on fishing spots, bushes etc. You can stack up to 3 Dragon Manure’s on a resource node, which greatly increases the volume and quantity of ingredients you can gather.

Further in the game there are also animals that you can use to receive ingredients. Some animals will flee, dropping ingredients if you can touch them before they escape, others will attempt to chase you. You can lead those into rocks and other obstacles to have them drop ingredients also.

As Draco grows older he can also aid with farming ingredients. He can cut down grass to obtain very rare ingredients, hunt animals and more.

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