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Lord Of The Rings: War In The North Complete Walkthrough Guide

Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

This Lord Of The Rings: War In The North Complete Walkthrough Guide will list all GamersHeroes available guides and walkthroughs for the latest addition to the Lord of the Rings Universe.

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  1. hey, i am wondering if you can post a walkthrough for the level (nordinbag?) where you have the stop two orog hai from breaking down a door. i just cannot seem to kill them fast enough. thanks again.

    1. Just keep them as far as possible from the door, the orog-hai reacts when you attack them, so you can do that from behind and then slide under the orog and repeat (just remember always behind and DO A BARREL ROLL!).
      After you defeat them comes their orc captain (that is more hard to defeat… )

      1. I beat the orog-hai by not following them up the stairs(kept the others on the bottom as well, don’t let them follow).
        Beat everything on the bottom then go to th top of the first set of stairs and if there is only one orog-hai (the other must be killed by the computer) hit it with arrows to make it come to you. when it comes down the top set of stairs I order everyone to attack it and so defeat it.
        I am having trouble with the next part (orc captain) can not get his health below half, have tried everything.
        I am on level 21 (just used automatic assign for level up). Anyone know how to beat the Orc captain

        1. The orc-capitain is getting my nerves…. i’m trying on andriel and i’m on level 20….. but still i cant get that…. to die!!! help… please?

        2. The Orc captain is easy all u do is separate him from his companions and hit him with stun arrows to get criticals and use precision shots to take him out faster (this is if u specialize I ranged attacks)

  2. ok, found a way, posted on another forum by Park:

    “Use the dwarf and make sure you have the abilities that make enemies attack you when you use warcry. when the level starts run up the steps and whenever the trolls start to head for the door use warcry and they will come after you. this is the only way i got through it”

    this worked for me

  3. to reply to khufo,for some reason u cannot quit missions so if you did not level that certain attribute up (like i did not lol) you are kind of screwed. there must be a generic way of beating them. please post if you find something out

  4. can any body help me finding the second piece of numenorean work[WORK OF THE WESTERNERESE….?,i beated the games without comleting most side quests in easy mode,but finishing side quests made my character more powerful thanx to the mithril upgrade from arwen.

    1. do you get to go to all of the places on the map we have beaten this game a few times now and have only unlocked a handful of places and we cant figure out how to open up any more north or south please help us as we are stuck thanks a bunch

      1. Hey,
        use the eagles to kill them pretty easily, otherwise use some skills and fast hits to stun them in orther to prevent them from approaching the door 😉

    1. You press and hold X if ps3 or whatever the corresponding key is depending on the console it says just to press that button but you have to hold until it pushes it off.

  5. Me and my brother just rescued Radagast the brown from freaky big spider… We seem to have hit a dead end.. either we missed something or theres a glitch.. Coz when we enter the “white glowey light thingy” that leads us to the maps.. We don’t know where to go.. I know we’re supposed to be looking for the dragon now.. But where do we go? Please help.

  6. I kept trying to beat the trolls until eventually they will glitch and one will die almost instantly. It takes a lot of tries, but it works. After that, the gate might get pretty damaged, but you should probably be able to kill it.

  7. well everybody seems to have problems in nordinbad siege level. i usually use the dunedaien (human) and focus only on the orog-hais, i highly recomend to use lots of skils for the bows since they normally cause more damage, use principally multy-hit, stunning shot and concentrated shot.

    the multi hits skill tricks are that if the orog-hais are on the front of the other enemies then the shots will don’t hit the others enemies so it can basically means a 5X or even more damage.

    the stunning shot i use to stop the orog-hais, first use the stunning shot and then attack the orog-hai you shoted (it can be quick or power attack, it doens’t matter) and it will be a critical and he stops what he is doing then attacs him till he prepares to attack you.

    and the concentrated shot is easy, charge it and try to hit the head, i’m on level 28 now and a normal hit makes usually 2400+ damage and the concentrated shot on the head is making usually 11000+ damage.

    the orc champion is the same thing just attract him and attack and shot untill he’s dead, don’t forgot to do a barrel roll whe he prepares to attack.

  8. where do you find the mithril????? ive beaten the game on easy and just about done on heroic but i dont wanna go oon until i complete the side quests

  9. dose enybody know if there is an easyer way to birng down the mountain cuse im on legendary and its like impossibal even with useing the crossbows

  10. It’s annoying to look for a game walk-through only to be brought to a site which QUITE CLEARLY does not have a complete game walk-through…

    I am going to look at other sites and will repost the links here for those of you like me, who’d very much enjoy having a complete FREE walk-through…

  11. hey im stuck in mirkwood would anyone be able to sorta guide me through it im looking for the wizard radagast and killed all the enemies including the spiders and i have found footprints that lead to no were

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