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Lost Ark Gift Giving Guide

Curious about who to give the best gifts to in Lost Ark? This Lost Ark Gift Giving Guide breaks down the Rapport system and tells you about tools you can use to navigation the friendship system in the game so you don’t waste expensive or rare Rapport items on characters that offer little rewards.

Most of the important NPC’s you meet on your travels are part of Lost Ark’s Rapport system. You can interact with certain NPC’s to build your friendship and relationship with them. Some NPC’s respond to specific emotes, gestures, and playing songs from you sheet music, but the quickest and fastest way to increase Rapport with NPC’s is to use Gifts. However, you can definitely blow your gifts giving them to the wrong NPC’s.

Lost Ark Gift Giving Guide

It’s a bit difficult at the moment as the Western release is still in its infancy, but there are still tricks you can use to ensure you are not wasting your gifts on NPC’s. Open the Rapport menu in the game (ALT+N)/. This brings up a list of all the Rapport characters as well as what continent they can be found on. This is the best place to look at for finding out gift information.

For example, select the Rethramis continent and then choose Neria. She can be found in Prideholme. By selecting the magnifying glass icon next to Neria you can see her Rapport rewards. She offers Gold Coins, Prideholme Neria card, Battle Engraving Recipes, Charisma Potion and Vitality potion. These are interesting rewards but nothing amazing.

Now navigate to Cals in East Luterra. He offers Gold Coins, Stat increase potion, Cals card, Estoque Blueprints, Wisdom Potion, and an Epic Crew member Cals. The quality of rewards are often subjective but you can clearly see that targeting Sailors, for example, you would want to give your gifts to Cals.

Before giving gifts to any NPC open the Rapport menu, check the rewards, and see if the preferred gift is worth giving to them base on what you get in return.

Lost Ark Gift Giving Guide

You do get a boost to Rapport by using the appropriate gifts. For example, Cals likes Surprise Chest and Model of Luterra’s Sword, among dozens of other items. If you attempt to give him gifts, you will be able to give him any gifts from your inventory, but you won’t get the boost. For example, Dyorika Strat Hat, an Epic gift, gives Cals 300 Rapport. The Model of Luterra’s Sword, also an Epic gift, gives him 360.

So in summary, you want to give gifts to NPC’s that offer the best rewards first and use their favorite gifts to get the maximum. Do not waste gifts on NPC’s with poor rewards or do not favor that particular gift.

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