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Lost Ark Golden Rabbit’s Residence Guide

When hunting rabbits you can find epic items to reveal unique locations. This Lost Ark Golden Rabbit’s Residence Guide explains what you must do before you’re able to activate these unique items as if you try without the appropriate skill, you’ll get a prompt informing you that you need to get the skill first.

These Golden Rabbits Residences are similar to Treasure Maps in that they come in different rarities and allows players to find secret hideouts with prey inside. I’ve found Splended, Luminous, and Radiant so far, but there are likely other rarities that you can find. You need to fulfill two requirements before you can activate the Golden Rabbit’s Residence item, you need the appropriate Trade Skill and be on the exact same map where you found the item.

Lost Ark Golden Rabbit’s Residence Guide

Unfortunately, you can obtain the Golden Rabbit’s Residence items a lot sooner than you can solve them. Whenever you hunt and kill prey, there’s a small chance of looting one of these items when you skin the animal. You can then interact with the item in your inventory to reveal the prey’s hideout but sadly, you need a trait first.

Open the Trade Skills menu with (L) and navigate to Hunting. You need the Tracking ability, which is unlocked when you reach Level 30 in Hunting. I’ve been going at it pretty heavy and I’ve only recently reached level 10, so it’s going to take a long time before people are able to do these Golden Rabbit’s Residences. Be sure to save them in your bank to use at a later date.

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