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Lost Ark Holy Inquisitors /disappointed Quest

During the main story quest Holy Inquisitors, one of the objectives is to use the /disappointed emote. However, if you’re reading this you’ve likely discovered that the emote doesn’t do anything. Worry not, the quest itself is not bugged, just likely a translation error bringing the game to the West.

I’ve never been a fan of quests that require inputting text to perform emotes. While it works great on PC, if a game is ever ported to console it becomes a complete pain in the backside. Navigating clunky console controls to pick specific letters, why? Anyway, on to the problem at hand. Don’t worry, the quest isn’t bug, there’s just a slight issue with the user interface giving you the wrong emote to use.

Lost Ark Holy Inquisitors /disappointed Quest

When you are on this stage of the quest the quest interface tells you to stand in the appropriate location and use the /disappointed emote. Having spent quite some time trying it in every available spot and chat interface, I realized it didn’t work. Looking up the quest on the Russian language version you’ll find that the emote you need to use is actually /negative.

There’s every chance this UI bug will be fixed before release, making this particular guide absolutely useless, but on the off chance it has yet to be remedied, all you need to do is follow the quest exactly as it says but use the /negative emote instead of the /disappointed emote.

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