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Lost Ark Rapport Guide

Building Rapport with NPC’s can unlock some fantastic rewards. This Lost Ark Rapport Guide explains how the Rapport system works, the best way to increase your friendship with the different NPC’s you encounter, and how can you access all of the different rewards provided for maxing Rapport with any NPC.

Firstly, you want to familiarize yourself with the Rapport interface. Press ALT+N in-game and this opens the menu for the Rapport system. Here, you can do several things. You can locate the NPC in question, you can find out what rewards they offer, and you can check what gifts they prefer.

Lost Ark Rapport Guide

So let’s look at the first bit of information, locating Rapport NPC’s. In the Rapport menu it tells you the continent on the left. Each portrait of the NPC’s then provides their exact location. For example, Thirain can be found on East Luttera in Luterra Castle. So to locate him, you simply travel to the location and then look for the heart on the map. This works to find any Rapport NPC in the game.

So let’s look at the second bit of information, their rewards. Select the magnifying glass icon next to any character in the Rapport system. This displays the reward for each NPC. You get rewards for completing Normal, Amicable, Friendly, Trusted, these names represent the different levels of Rapport with each NPC. You increase Rapport by completing quests for the NPC, showing them certain emotes, playing certain Sheet music, or giving them gifts.

You can only use emotes and sheet music a certain amount of times a day but many gifts can be given as much as you own. Each NPC does have a preferred list of gifts. If you are serious about building Rapport with multiple NPC’s do not waste gifts that they do not prefer. For example, you get an extra 60 points on an epic gift if they prefer it over one they do not.

You can see their preferred gifts in the magnifying glass menu by selecting preferred gifts. Same place you can find rewards.

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