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Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Waiting Insect’s Rift

The next treasure map is for the Ozhorn Hill region. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Waiting Insect’s Rift will tell you where to find the secret dungeon entrance so you can complete this treasure map and obtain the unique rewards attached to it.

In Lost Ark, Treasure Maps are unique adventures that tasks you with finding a hidden location so you can unlock a special dungeon, fight the boss inside, and claim the rewards. This particular treasure map, Waiting Insect’s Rift, is in the Ozhorn Hill region that you reach after a short while in the story.

Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Lone Insects Demonic Cave

Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Waiting Insect's Rift
This particular secret dungeon is actually incredibly easy to find. You can find it at the location I am standing in the map above. Just West of the Assembly Area fast travel point, and a bit East from the Outpost. There’s a cropping of rocks with some structures nearby. As you approach, in the correct area, you will get a notification for a prompt to interact with a secret entrance. Once you interact with it, you open the secret dungeon and can head inside. These are really quick dungeons for Treasure Maps. It’s just a small boss fight and an exit.

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Another day, another treasure hunt in Lost Ark. For this Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide we're looking to find Waiting Beast's Plaza, located deep within the region of Battlebound Plains. I found this map several areas before, so I wasn't able to actually get to the plains before progressing through the main story for a few hours.
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