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Lost Judgement The Forbidden Taste Guide

One of the starter side tasks in Lost Judgement is called Forbidden Taste. Check out this Lost Judgement The Forbidden Taste guide to get through the side quest easily. This one can be very annoying if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Lost Judgement The Forbidden Taste Guide

When you first get the task, enter the restaurant at the marker and talk to the man inside. He will ask you to checking something out for him and you will begin the quest. The first thing you will want to do is open up your phone and go to the Buzz researcher. Use the Keyword finder there to search for the Phantom Ramen Stall and go to that marker. You are going to have to do this multiple times because you are looking for three different clues. Keep listening to the people are the markers until you get the clues, it appears at night, cats lead you there, and cats are used in the broth.

Head back to the quester giver and he will give you the next part of the mission. He is found here on the map.

Quest giver

For the next part you will need to find a cat, but first you should buy some catfood. You can buy catfood here on the map and you should stock up. I don’t know if you will need more or not, but it is cheap.

Where to buy cat food in lost judgement

When you buy the food, head here on the map and you can find a cat. The first cat will run, and you will get a run down of what to expect next time.

Cat locations lost judgement

Now you have to return and name a cat, and then return two times to feed it before it will trust you. The problem is, you don’t get to pick which cat comes up to you. That means you might be coming back here a lot. I would interact with a cat, go get into a fight, and then come back. I repeated that until one of the cats trusted me. From there you head here on the map.

Phantom ramen shop lost judgement

Once you get there, the cat will lead you to the stall and the mission will wrap up. Check back soon for more Lost Judgement guides.

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