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Lost Judgement The SRC’s Hunt For The Truth Guide

During your playthrough of Lost Judgement, you will come across a side task called THE SRC’s Hunt For The Truth. Check out this Lost Judgement The SRC’s Hunt For The Truth guide to get it done quickly and easily. This way you don’t get lost on your hunt for those UFOs.

Lost Judgement The SRC’s Hunt For The Truth Guide

When you first start the quest, you will have to open your phone and use the buzz researcher. Use the Keyword part to look up UFO activity and head to that spot. From there enter your investigation stance and look up to see a floating orb of light. Zoom in and inspect it to move to the next part of the quest. From here you will have to head here on the map.

UFO spot 1

Talk to the kids there and then head here.

UFO spot 2

From here you need to start trying to find where the UFO is located. Open up your buzz researcher again and check the UFO tag. Look for the most mentions in a single area and you will find the UFO there. For me it was here.

Ufo spot 3 Lost judgement

Get a picture of the UFO this time and it will head to the highschool. Go there and out in the courtyard some students will be talking about the UFO. You will also run into a couple of guys with another quest as well. Examine the UFo on the roof and then get another picture of it. From there you need to catch the UFO and beat the mission.

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