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Lost Judgment School Stories Guide

School Stories are interwoven adventures that give Tak a deeper insight in the High School and the area. This Lost Judgment School Stories Guide will explain how you progress through each of the different clubs that you infilrate, with a basic step-by-step guide on how to progress and complete each School Story.

Progression in School Stories is based on Leadership. As you complete School Story objectives, you earn experience points towards 4 stats and leadership points. The path I’ve outlined below is the path I followed, but the exact order could be different if you tackle different School Stories first. As you progress you will get messages from the MRC to unlock new clubs.

If you cannot progress further in a Club, check the School Diary menu and highlight the club. It will tell you the requirements to progress with that particular club.

Seiryo High Mystery Research Club

After you complete the intro quest you can begin tracking these objectives. You must first Investigate the Professor. Before you are able to progress with the Mystery Research Club, you need to work on the other School Stories.

School Stories High Dance Club Guide

  • 1. Head to the Seiryo High School Basement and go to the Dance Club Room. This will increase Teamwork & Appeal
  • 2. Do another practice session and then you can ask about the Sugar Babying
  • 3. Do another dance practice, this should max out the first song
  • 4. Then speak with the dance team again and choose to go to the prelims
  • 5. After the prelims go and purchase a dancing outfit
  • 6. Return to the dancing club and do the first stage of the next song
  • 7. Head to this location to find Takanashi on Isezaki Road then talk to Amasawa and do the tailing mission
  • 8. Continue doing the dancing practice until you have to meet Komekado in the Faculty Room. Head to the 2F and speak with the man. Return to the dancing room
  • 9. Continue dancing practice until you max the second song then head to the dance meet
  • 10. You will then need to meet Amasawa in the MRC room
  • 11. I reached 3 Appeal, 3 Teamwork, 5 Focus, and 5 Guts before the next part of this club unlocked.
  • 12. Return to the dancing club and practice on the third song until it’s maxed
  • 13. Once the song is maxed, go to the next meet
  • 14. Win the meet and then do the next song until you’re summoned to the MRC. Head inside and then go back in to speak with Amasawa to start the mission.
  • 15. After the mission, return to the dance club and practice until you’re told to go to Hamakita Park, then head there.
  • 16. Return to the dance studio and master the final song then win the finals. This completes the dance studio

School Stories Robotics Club Guide

  • 1. Reach Stage 8 on the Dance Club and then return to the Mystery Research Club after you get a call. Then head to the 4th floor Robotics Club
  • 2. Speak to all of the members of the Robotics Club then win the match. Then return to Amasawa
  • 3. Then head back to the Robotics Club and do the customization tutorial. Then leave the room. Then return for another match
  • 4. Return to the Mystery Research Club then find Itokura on the roof. Then return to the Robotics Club for another match
  • 5. Head to the Cafeteria to speak with Itokura and Sakura. Then return to do another match
  • 6. Once the match has finished, return to the club, do the dialogue, then have another match
  • 7. Return to the MRC to get evidence of the thief bot. Then return to the Robotics Club and speak with the man there
  • 8. You will likely have to do other School Stories before you can progress, eventually you meet them in the cafeteria
  • 9. Return to the Robotics Room and complete a match before getting the the first round of the tournament.
  • 10. Win the tournament round then return to the MRC.
  • 11. After heading to the MRC go to the Robotics club and have another match
  • 12. I really hate this robot mini-game. Trying to work my way through but progress is slow. Will update when I can.

School Stories Skaters Guide

  • 1. Complete up to Stage 3 of Robotics Club and you will get a text message about the courtyard.
  • 2. Head to the courtyard and inspect the graffiti, it’s on the map. Then back to the MRC
  • 3. Leave the school and head to the North East area of the map, Hamakita Park. Complete the first skateboarding event
  • 4. Clear out the thugs and then do the next mission. You may need to wait a while before the next mission appears
  • 5. Complete the mission. You will likely have to increase your School Stories stats to progress further.
  • 6. Return to the park to complete the next mission
  • 7. After that mission, you’ll need to wait for a message to progress. Beat up the thugs and then show the graffiti. That completes the Skaters

School Stories Todoroki Boxing Gym Guide

Seiryo High Todoroki Boxing Gym Guide
  • 1. Reach Stage 6 in Robotics, 10 in Dance, to unlock this group. Then speak with Amasawa at the MRC.
  • 2. Leave the school and head to the Todoroki Boxing Gym near Sunrise Bridge. You can do quite a few fights here early on, so do them all.
  • 3. When you open the full boxing system, finish the first three sparring fights and then tail Oshikiri. Return to the gym.
  • 4. Finish more sparring until you unlock the Showdown. Complete the showdown.
  • 5. After the fight, go outside and go for drinks with Onidake.
  • 6. Return to the gym to see Onidake lose and then leave to get a message. Then return to the MRC, before going back to the gym.
  • 7. Win 4 more spars so you can challenge the next enemy and then defeat Chizuru The Lancer. Then head to the bar district to go out for a drink with him
  • 8. Return to the gym and fight the two available sparring partners. Then you need to leave and check Oshikiri at his job, food truck, North West of town
  • 9. After that step, return to the gym and defeat Kozo Wakita, then another spar, before leaving the gym. After the dialogue, you can enter again
  • 10. Once back inside, defeat Takeru Mikimoto, then go out to drinks at the Bar District again. Return to the gym, Amasawa will call
  • 11. After the call, go back to the gym for 1 sparring fight, then take down Yum Woon Sen. After the fight, leave to meet with Amasawa at the MRC.
  • 12. Return to the gym and defeat Chizuru the Lancer again. Then leave the gym and come back inside.
  • 13. Once back inside, defeat Todoroki. Then leave the gym and Amasawa will call. Back to the MRC again. After the cut-scene, go back in and speak with her again
  • 14. Return to the gym and defeat Kenya Oshikiri
  • 15. That completes the boxing gym.

School Stories Biker Gang Guide

School Stories Biker Gang Guide
  • 1. Speak to the girl at the MRC to start this story, once it’s unlocked. Leave the school and head to Hamakita Park
  • 2. Win the first bike race to begin this school story. Finish another race and then go through the dialogue
  • 3. Head to the Garage, East of the school and do two more death races, then there’s a cut-scene before a tail mission. After the tail speak to the lady
  • 4. Return to the garage for another Death Race. This unlocks a new bike. Then do another Death Race. After the cut-scene, return to the garage.
  • 5. Do more Death Races until you finish off the Raging Angels, then there’s another cut-scene, then race again to beat Rina.
  • 6. When you need to choose evidence, select the guy in the suit. Then return to the Garage and beat Ghost.
  • 7. After two races you will need to investigate an area, head to West Bayside Street, North, Center of town.
  • 8. Once that’s done, return to the Garage and defeat the Ghost gang. When you select evidence, after the race, choose the photo you took outside the office
  • 9. After you unlock the new bike, return to do more Death Races, until you defeat the final gang
  • 10. That completes the Biker Gangs.

School Stories eSports Club Guide

  • 1. When this is unlocked you’ll see a student getting attacked at the MRC.
  • 2. Head to the eSports Club Room, it’s on the 4th floor, and complete the first Virtua Fighter match
  • 3. Leave, and then head downstairs to meet with Otani in the Cafeteria, then return to do some more dialogue and then do another fight. Beat Fujiwara
  • 4. Then beat Yoshiba, Uozumi, Sanbonmatsu, then you have to lose a fight. When investigating, check the controller on the chair
  • 5. That will complete the eSports club.

School Stories Girls Bite Guide

  • 1. I unlocked this after maxing all of my Leadership stats. Head to the bar
  • 2. You need to befriend Haruko first. You do this by buying drinks, playing darts, and responding with correct conversation.
  • 3. From there you repeat the process with all of the different girls at the bar

School Stories Casino Guide

  • 1. You will get a message to return to the MRC when this is available. After it starts, head to Breakwater Dr on the East side of town.
  • 2. After the intro, use the Casino keyword on the buzz tool and follow the most signals and head into the nearby bathroom.
  • 3. When you find the door, use the listening device then head to Ebisu Pawn. The password is Bon au chic. Then head back to the bathroom
  • 4. Head inside the casino. Check the girl wearing a black hat and suit on the far corner table
  • 5. You can’t beat her in the first game so save your money. When you investigate her, check her ear. Then return to the MRC.
  • 6. Head to the Welcome Pharmacy. Buy the perfume then return to the casino. You will have to play a few games before you can beat her.
  • 7. That completes the casino.

School Stories Photography Guide

  • 1. You will get a message to return to the MRC when this is available. Head to the Photo Club and do the Photo Shoot. It’s the only person that moves
  • 2. When you finish, leave the room and enter again. Complete another photoshoot, then leave and enter again. Repeat the process.
  • 3. After a few photo shoots and fight, this one is done.
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