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Lost Judgment Secure Infiltration Route – Look For An Entry Point Guide

Want to know how to find the entry point in the first investigation for Lost Judgment? This Lost Judgment Secure Infiltration Route – Look For An Entry Point Guide will tell you how to secure the infiltration route so that you can locate an entry point and proceed with the story.

If you would rather, you can check out our Lost Judgment Look For An Entry Point video guide.

Look For An Entry Point

Look For An Entry Point
After you finish trailing your target you will attempt to enter a building. A rather burly and aggressive gentleman on the door will refuse you entry. After this, you will begin to search for an entry point, so you can infiltrate the building and progress with the main story.

The first objective is displayed for you, you simply need to focus on the window and scan it. After this, you can scan other windows and the display at the front of the restaurant, but these are not required. To the left, as you face the bouncer on the door, and up, there is an open window near some pipes. Inspect the window.

Once the window is inspected, you will be able to move during this investigation. Move down the alley to the left side of the building. There are some AC units, frozen over fans, at the end of the alley on the left hand side. Inspect these to learn that you can use them to climb up.

Once you have inspected these, you will be able to hit circle to complete the investigation.

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