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Lost Judgment Side Case Guide

Side Cases are hidden, optional objectives that you can complete for additional rewards. This Lost Judgment Side Case Guide will tell you where to find each of the Side Case’s we’ve discovered, what you need to do in order to complete them, and details on any investigating you need to do to collect keywords and other useful clues.

Side Cases in Judgment come in two main varieties. There is a Job Request Case List board at Yokohama 99. This lists Side Cases that you can pickup and complete at any time. Then there are also quests you can find when exploring the city, discovering new keywords, etc. We have divided these into the two different categories below. In case you are missing specific Side Cases, they are also numbered.

Lastly, a number of Side Cases are tied behind School Stories. As I’m not a huge fan of this part of the game, I left those until last, so those are all in Chapter 13, but are available sooner if you want to explore the School Stories.

Lost Judgment Side Case Guide – Case List

(11) The Forbidden Taste (Chapter 3)
(19) Flight Of The Game Creator (Chapter 4)
(18) Chaos Of The Masked Writer (Chapter 4)
(20) A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event (Chapter 6)
(34) My First Errand (Chapter 13)

Lost Judgment Side Case Guide City – Chapter 3

(1) Skateboard Detective vs. The Reseller (Chapter 2)
(2) The Falling Man (Chapter 3)
(9) The Body Model Walks At Night (Chapter 3)
(14) Let The Drones Fly (Chapter 3)
(12) Paradise VR Unlocked (Chapter 3)
(13) Paradise VR Upgraded (Chapter 3)
(7) The SRCs Hunt For The Truth (Chapter 3)
(5) Where Is The Time Capsule (Chapter 3)
(15) Extracting The Past (Chapter 3)

Lost Judgment Side Case Guide City – Chapter 4

(16) Extracting The Truth (Chapter 4)
(04) Trying The Patience Of A Saint (Chapter 4)
(21) Dastardly Detective: Introduction (Chapter 4)
(22) Dastardly Detective: The Wandering Bug (Chapter 4)
(23) Dastardly Detective: Grasping Attention (Chapter 4)
(24) Dastardly Detective: Before The Torch Burns Out (Chapter 4)
(25) Dastardly Detective: The Eavesdropping Wallet (Chapter 4)
(26) Dastardly Detective: Seiryo High In Danger (Chapter 4)
(27) Dastardly Detective: From The Pit Of Despair (Chapter 4)
(28) Dastardly Detective: The Secret Ingredient (Chapter 4)
(29) Dastardly Detective: The Final Night Flight (Chapter 4)
(30) Dastardly Detective: Closing The Case (Chapter 4)
(03) The Cafe Robber (Chapter 4, Kamurocho)
(17) A New Partner (Chapter 4)
(6) Where The Kappa Roam (Chapter 4)
(8) The Invisible Burglar (Chapter 4, Kamurocho)

Lost Judgment Side Case Guide City – Chapter 6

(31) Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun (Chapter 6)
(33) Curse Of The Amasawa Family Heirloom (Chapter 6)

Lost Judgment Side Case Guide City – Chapter 13 (Final Chapter)

Many of these Side Cases are likely available much earlier in the game. They are all tied to the School Stories missions, so you will need to progress through with them before you are able to unlock these Side Cases. Before I unlocked the area with the new quests, I had completed most of the School Stories in Lost Judgment, and had level 5 on all of the stats.

(35) Between Blood And Booze (Final Chapter)
(36) Big Shame Hunter (Final Chapter)
(37) Random Fandom (Final Chapter)
(38) Step By Step (Final Chapter)
(39) Broken Barriers (Final Chapter)
(40) We Mend, We Grow (Final Chapter)

We are still working through the game. We will update this Lost Judgment Side Case Guide as we discover and complete more Side Cases.

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