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LotR War In The North Barrow Wight Walkthrough

LotR War In The North Barrow Wight Walkthrough

The next boss in LotR War in the North is the Barrow Wight. You actually fight these three times that I’ve seen so it isn’t to bad of a fight just annoying. This guide will help you bring it down the next time you fight it. Let’s go!

First for the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight boss guide is his abilities. This is a ranged fight for the first 2/3s then he comes to the ground. Always have a ranged guy hitting him I had my mage do it.

His first ability is summoning minor weights. They are not bad but all you have to do is be sure they stay off the ranged fighter. Burn them down.

His second ability is throwing the rocks at you. He has rocks all around him and he will start throwing them at you. Easy to dodge just roll. Be wary of these as the melee though or you might get hit and they hurt.

Once he is on the ground he can hit you if you get close but it’s easy to avoid.

Now on to the fight part of the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight boss guide. Once this fight commences get the range on him asap. You can get some decent damage in on him before he even summons anything.

Once he summons the weights if you are the melee kill the small guys. If you are the ranged just keep on the boss. After about a third of his health he will teleport then you can burn down all his smaller guys.

After the teleport he will reappear and you can start doing damage to him. He will likely throw a rock this time which is easily dodged. Keep on him until he summons the guys. Once he does kill the minions and the range should burn him down to the last third of his hp.

Now he will come to melee range. Once you see him appear just rush him and start doing max damage. If you are fast enough he will be dead before he can attack. If not then just avoid his attacks.

That will end the LotR War in the North Barrow Wight boss guide. Check our Lord Of The Rings War In The North Complete Walkthrough Guide for more guides and walkthroughs!

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