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Lotr War In The North Side Quest Guide

Lotr War In The North Side Quest Guide

In Lotr War in the North you can get side quests by talking to certain people. This guide will help you find the people you need to talk to as well as complete the quests. So let’s get to it!

I am doing this as I go so I may miss a couple.

Lotr War in the North Side quest guide 1 – Prancing Pony – Otto – He is by the fire in the Pony. He basically wants to arm the town just in case the orcs invade and wants you to convince the dwarf merchant.Leave the pony and go up the hill and you should see a wagon and a dwarf by it. Talk to him and keep trying to convince him until he says yes. Then return to Otto. No reward but now you can sell him you unused weapons.

He won’t buy them at a good price but if you give him about 10 he will let you finish the quest and give you a good reward and some exp so it’s worth it.

Lotr War in the North Side quest guide 2 – Prancing Pony – Rowlie – By the stairs is a man you can talk to. Talk to him and he will want you to drop off a locket to his love. Go to the repair man outside of the Pony. He is to the left. Talk to him and he will repair is and it will cost you one silver. Return to Rowlie and he will reward you. Now he will want you to bring the locket to the girl. Go up past the dwarf for the last quest and on the right you should see her. Talk to her then go back to Rowlie to finish the quest.

Lotr War in the North Side quest guide 3 – Ranger Camp – Talk to the lady in the tent tending to the wounded ranger. She will ask you to find her some kingsfoil. Grab the quest and you will have to try to find some on your way to the Barrow downs.

That will end the Lotr War in the North Side quest guide.

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  1. hi .. i have a problem with the quest qhen u finish nordinbad siege… for some reason ( im in heroic) i cant go trhough… the quest wont trigger even after i have spoke to belheram or the king… anybody got that problem? plz help i cant go over…

    1. hmmm odd ive beaten it on all difficulties and never had a problem. i played on the 360 so if you played on the ps3 it wouldnt surprise me if that version is glitchy…your best bet would be to reload the game. if your on heroic than you mustve beaten it on normal to unlock it, so it has to be a software issue as opposed to justy being lost. so yea ur game/console is prolly a piece of crap XD

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