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LotR War In The North Tharzog Walkthrough

LotR War In The North Tharzog Walkthrough

The first boss in LotR War in the North is named Tharzog. He is a big orc and he hits really hard. This boss guide will help you bring him down no problem. So let’s get started.

First for the LotR War in the North Tharzog boss guide is his moves. The only reason this boss is any good is because he has infinite spawn of little orcs. Killing the small ones is pointless because more will come so really just focus the boss.

When he lifts his sword in the air he is about to do a 360 sword spin. If you get hit it really hurts so avoid it.

He can jump and slam his sword on you as well. Roll to avoid this.

Lastly he can just swing at you. Easy to dodge or block but he normally just does the AoE sword slice.

Now for the fight part of the LotR War in the North Tharzog boss guide. As soon as it starts start hitting him with your arrows or magic before he drops. This fight is basically hit the boss roll out of the way and repeat. Do as much damage as you can before you dodge him.

Once he jumps down use some moves on him and he will put his sword in the air. That is your queue to dodge before the blade hits you and does a ton of damage. Once he misses go back in and hit him some more.

While this is happening either your AI or one of your partners should be holding the attention of the goblins if possible. If not then every time you try to hit the boss you might just get hit by a goblin.

If someone gets downed and you try to revive them watch for the jump slash. He uses this mostly during that time. Dodge it then revive him.

Lastly just his basic attacks can come out of no where. Watch for his sword to go back and dodge him.

Really to win this fight you have to be in and out in and out or use range. Do not let him get close to you and be sure to dodge his moves. It might take a couple tries but you will burn him down eventually.

That will end the LotR War in the North Tharzog boss guide.

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  1. Ooooor you can just keep your combo up and do special moves on the goblins giving you infinite exp.

    note: easiest done with 3 players since AI henchmen have a tendency to NOT hit the boss and get downed quite often.

  2. you really need to use your special attacks in order to kill him.. otherwise it’s going to take you a REALLY long time. the main thing to do with tharzog is HIT and roll then repeat.

  3. I was playing 2nd player as elf with 1st player the ranger. We weren’t very high levels and were really having problems with this, especially since it autosaves you right before the fight so you can’t leave to go level up somewhere. How we ended up beating it was by me distracting all the lil minions so the ranger could focus on fighting Tharzog undisturbed. Our AI dwarf was pretty much dead the whole time.

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