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Lord Of The Rings Online: Class Quest Guide

Lord Of The Rings Online: Class Quest Guide
At level 45 you gain access to class specific quests that unlock traits and abilities to increase the power of your character. Although the quests open obtainable from your class trainer at level 45, they’re actually labelled as level 50 quests so it can be a little tough to complete the class quest without aid from other players. This Lord Of The Rings Class Quest Guide lists all items required for both quests for each class.


Articles Of Cunning

  • 12 Blinding Snow Beast Fur
  • Driftclaw‘s Windswept Hide
  • 20 Unyielding Drake Scales
  • 10 Glossy Cave-Claw Skins
  • Goblin Badge Of Rank
  • Insignia Of Battle

Implements Of The Night

  • 5 Hollow Sulfur Leach Fangs
  • Narglup’s Spit Claw
  • 20 Hateful Worm EyesMines of Moria Guide
  • 10 Venomous Dread Turtle Beaks
  • Warg-Keepers Token
  • Cruel Talon Of Azgoth


Articles Of Command

  • 12 Steam-Scorched Carapace
  • Hogni’s Spiked Helmet
  • 20 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
  • 20 Grisly Bat Talon
  • Putrid Slime  Of Helchgam
  • Badge Of Command

Implements Of War

  • 8 Nasty Snowreap-Knives
  • Fakhkthal’s Jagged Blade
  • 15 Coiled Spider Spinnerets
  • 15 Hateful Worm Eyes
  • 5 Rotted Barghest Paws
  • Teeth Of The Gorthorog
  • Medallion of Passage


Articles Of Valour

  • 10 Sulfur-Tinged Tarkrîp-Boots
  • Raillug’s Frozen Hide
  • 20 Mottled Spider Mandibles
  • 15 Bubbling Droplets
  • Bloodstained Tally Stick
  • Insignia Of Battle

Implements Of Daring

  • 5 Notched Ongbúrz-swords
  • Tramug’s Hand-axe
  • 20 Splintered Warg Claws
  • 20 Barbed Barghest Tails
  • Flawless Scale Of Lhugrien
  • Sigil Of War


Articles Of Fortitude

  • 10 Snow-encrusted Dourhand Boots
  • Grimgore’s Ashen Hide
  • 25 Unyielding Drake Scales
  • 15 Gem-encrusted Nails
  • Flawless Scale of Lhugrien
  • Warg-keeper’s Token

Implements Of Battle


  • 5 Sulfur-tinged Tarkrîp-spears
  • Shataz’s Cruel Bludgeon
  • 20 Grisly Bat Talons
  • 15 Mottled Spider Mandible
  • 5 Hooked Warg Claws
  • Crimson Gorthorog Horn
  • Sigil of War


Articles Of Discovery

  • 5 Sulfur-tinged Tarkrîp Helmets
  • Zorrgolug’s Matted Hide
  • 10 Glossy Cave-claw Skins
  • 15 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
  • Rune of Winged Dominance
  • Insignia of Battle

Implements Of The Hunt

  • 5 Corroded Iron-Crown Staves
  • Driftclaw’s Razor-sharp Claw
  • 20 Clouded Worm Eyes
  • 5 Venomous Dread Turtle Beaks
  • 5 Putrid Fingernails
  • Medallion of Passage
  • Putrid Slime of Helchgam


Articles Of Mystery

  • 12 Distasteful Corcur Emblems
  • Grimgore’s Matted Fur
  • 15 Revered Wight Remains
  • 15 Bubbling Droplets
  • Goblin Badge of Rank
  • Putrid Slime of Helchgam

Implements Of Knowledge

  • 8 Frosted Corcur Staves
  • Driftclaw’s Rending Tooth
  • 20 Hateful Worm Eyes
  • 10 Putrid Fingernails
  • Emblem of Ritual
  • Rune of Evil Presence


Articles Of Harmony

  • 12 Matted Snow-beast Fur
  • 5 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-plates
  • 20 Clouded Worm Eyes
  • 15 Revered Wight Remains
  • Ashen Gorthorog Horn
  • Goblin Badge of Rank

Implements Of Song

  • 12 Chipped Rock-worm Fangs
  • Narglup’s Blunted Tooth
  • 5 Corrosive Droplets
  • 15 Splintered Warg Claws
  • 5 Grisly Bat Talons
  • Emblem of Ritual
  • Rune of Winged Dominance


Hewing A New Stone

  • 12 Misty-mountain Stones
  • Archivist Ánraig’s Runes
  • 10 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
  • 20 Hooked Warg Claws
  • Sigil of War
  • Rune of Winged Dominance

A Worthy Garment

  • 12 Glâd Ereg Vines
  • Helchuan’s hide
  • 10 Rotted Barghest Paws
  • 20 Corrosive Droplets
  • Badge of Command
  • Ashen Gorthorog Horn


A Weapon of Might and Glory

  • 12 Invader Breast Plates
  • Bryok’s Spear
  • 10 Revered Wight Remains
  • 20 Gem-encrusted Nails
  • Bloodstained Tally Stick
  • Crimson Gorthorog Horn

A Warden’s Second Best Ally

  • 6 Hoary Auroch HidesMines of Moria Guide
  • Redtusk’s Hide
  • 10 Barbed Barghest Tails
  • 20 Coiled Spider Spinnerets
  • Rune of Evil Presence
  • Teeth of the Gorthorog

Some of them can be a real pain but with any game, knowledge is power. Research can save you hours of effort when it comes to quests like these, hopefully this article has made it a little easier.


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  1. I have killed at least 200 Dourhands in the Misty Mountains. Got 100s of Well kept Mathoms to prove it. Area was Gabilazan. All up and sdown the path. Three types too. Have not got even ONE Snow-encrusted Dourhand-boot. Not a single one! ANyone else find this unacceptable. DOes a person need to spend there LIFE killing 40,000. Im guessing but MAYBE 400/1 shot here. Maybe LOTRO changed the location of this drop? Can anyone help?

  2. Gabilazan Defender
    Gabilazan Guard
    Gabilazan Lieutenant

    Its been a while but if i remember right, these are the mob types you need but the drop rate is a pain. Do you have the actual quest needed for them? Some items you cant collect unless you actually have the quest

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