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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Guide – Boo Locations Guide

Luigi’s Mansion as a ton of collectibles, money and other things to find around the 5 different mansions. If you take the time to go back through some missions you can find all of the different Boos that inhabit each mission in a mansion. This Boo location Guide for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will go over where and how to find all of the different Boos. This is a work in progress and we will be posting them as we go. If you find any Boos ad would like to share their location or need anymore help finding a particular Boo hit us up in the comments and we will make sure to try our best to help you out. Let’s grab those sneaky Boos.

Boo Locations in Gloomy Manor

Gloomy Manor
Boo Location in A-1:

garage garage boo

Come back to A-1 after you have found the Dark-Light attachment. Head into the Garage and shine your light on the back right corner of the garage. A wheel should appear and so will Boogie Woogie.

Boo Location in A-2:

mudroom mudroom boo

Come back to A-2 after you get the Dark-Light attachment. Head into the mudroom area which is the right door off of the entrance. On the bottom middle section of the mudroom there used to be a table. Highlight the table with the Dark-Light attachment, suck up the little blue balls and the Baboon Boo will show up.

Boo Location in A-3:

studio Studio boo

Come back to A-3 after you have he Dark-Light attachment. This boo is located in the Studio that is in the North West part of the first floor. Head inside the studio and you will notice the canvas is missing. Pull the sheet off and hit it with the Dark-Light. After sucking up all of the ghost balls you will reveal the campus and Boo Boo.

Boo Location in A-4:

luigi's mansion dining room gem map luigi's mansion dinning room gem

This boo is the mission objective and is found in the Dining Room.

Boo Location in A-5:

Library mudroom boo

Get inside the Library part that is in the North part of the first floor. Shine your Dark-Light in the North East corner of the map to reveal the Piano that was there in the other missions. Ooga Booga will pop out.

Boo Locations in Haunted Tower

Haunted Tower
Boo Location in B-1:

hydro generator map hydro generator boo

The first boo is located in the Generator room. Head over to the right side of the generator and shine your light on a tool drawer. After revealing it MamBoo will appear.

Boo Location in B-2:

sewer map Sewer Boo

This Boo is quite a far way away from the actual gate you are supposed to go through. Instead of going through the pinwheel gate, go through the right door in the courtyard. Follow through some rooms until you get to the Gardner’s Dwelling. Use the Poltergust on the fan and the bed will move that is in the room. This will allow you to go down into the Gardner’s Lab. From here go through the pathway that goes north and it will lead you to the Sewer room. Suck up the spikey purple thing to reveal the boo.

Boo Location in B-3:

Crypt Boo Map Crypt Boo

After getting into the Crypt and busting down the wall there will be an urn missing on the right side. Reveal the urn, shake it and a boo will pop out that you can grab.

Boo Location in B-4:

B-4 Boo Map B-4 Boo

You will notice a picture is missing in the Family Room. Hit it with the Dark-Light and then interact with it with x to fix the painting. A boo will pop up that you can grab.

Boo Location in B-5:

B-5 Boo Map b-5 boo

When you come back through the tool shed after fighting some ghosts chasing the ghost dog you will notice that most of the room is now hidden. Reveal the tools and other objects and one of them will have a Boo hiding in it for you to grab up.

Again this is a work in progress and we will be posting the different Boo locations, pictures and other helpful guide tips as we go. If you find any boos that we didn’t mention or have any helpful tips for Boo finding hit us up in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I hope that this guide helped you.

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