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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Guide – Gems Location Guide

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is full of crazy ghosts, money, secrets and a ton of other fun stuff to find. The main collectible in the game is called the gemstones. This Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Gems Location Guide will go over how to collect all of these pieces. This is a work in progress and I will be adding the pieces as I play through the missions. If you find a piece to go along with the guide, or need some help finding a piece already listed, hit us up in the comments below. Now let’s hum along with Luigi and find all of these fragments!

Gems in Gloomy Manor

Gloomy Manor
Mudroom Exterior:

luigi's mansion mudroom exterior gem map luigi's mansion mudroom gem

First found in A-1. A gem can be found really early in the level on Floor 1 in the Mudroom Exterior. After getting the strobe part that lets you flash ghosts and green panels return to the main entrance of the Gloomy Manor. Head into the door to the right and get inside the mud room. Flash the door on the right wall to open the door that leads outside to the Mudroom Exterior. From here the gem will be on a tree branch by the ghost dogs dog house.


luigi's mansion studio gem map luigi's mansion studio gem

First found in A-2. The second gem that can be found in the Gloomy Manor is the gem located on the first floor in the Studio that is at the top left of the map. After clearing out all of the ghosts in the area you can look through a camera. If you look in the mirror above the photo easel you can see a gem caught in some spider webs. Head to the north east corner of the room, in a windowsill and point the vacuum up and suck up that gem!


luigi's mansion parlor gem map luigi's mansion parlor gem

First found in A-2. The third gem can be found on floor 2 of the Gloomy Manor in the Parlor. In the Parlor there will be a clock with a green spot on it. Aim your vacuum up towards the top of the clock and use the strobe function. The clock will open and a gem will pop out.

Dining Room:

luigi's mansion dining room gem map luigi's mansion dinning room gem

First found in A-3. The fourth gem I found was on the second floor in the Dining Room just after passing through the library where the books are being thrown at you. If you look up towards the ceiling just to the left of the big dinner table you will see a safe. Flash the safe with your strobe light and a gem will pop out.


luigi's mansion kitchen gem map luigi's mansion kitchen gem

First found in A-3. The fifth gem I found can be grabbed right after the one before it in the First Floor Kitchen area. Open up the fridge after you clear all of the ghosts and you will see a gem in a block of ice. Grab the block of ice by sucking in and then walk the ice block over to the stove that is lit. Blow the ice block onto the stove and you will be able to grab the gem.


Luigi's Mansion Library Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Library Gem

First found in A-5. You can find a gem in the Library after getting the Dark-Light attachment. In the bottom left corner of the map there is a spot that you can highlight with the Dark-Light. After sucking up the little balls a globe will appear. Suck up the globe and throw it (I did it towards the fire place) and a gem will pop out.


Luigi's Mansion Patio Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Patio Gem

First found in A-5, but you can get it in A-2 if you go back with Dark-Light attachment. Make your way through the mansion and head to the door with the giant cobwebs blocking the way into the library. Use the Dark-Light on the picture frame right next to the big cobwebs to get a key. Then use the Dark-Light on the wall to the right to find a door to go through. This will open up to the Patio. In the center of the Patio there is a pond with a few statues in it. The top left part of the pond is missing a statue. Hit the area with the Dark-Light and a gem will pop out.

Front Yard:

Luigi's Mansion Front Yard Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Front Yard Gem

You have to come back to A-1 to grab this gem after you get the flashlight. Right at the beginning you will walk up a walkway and into the front yard. On the left side of the yard there will be 4 purple flours. Flash all of the flours with your light and a gem will pop out.


Luigi's Mansion Study Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Study Gem

Can be found after collecting the Dark-Light in any level you can get to the study. After clearing the room of ghosts head over to the top left corner of the room. Remove the Sheet with the Poltergust and you will see a painting with a picture of a gem on it. Light up the gem with the Dark-Light and a gem will pop out.


Luigi's Mansion Foyer Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Foyer Gem

This gem can be found any time after you have the Dark-Light and can make it to the Patio. When you get to the patio area look on the left wall with your Dark-Light. Eventually you will reveal a door just north of the kids carousel on that wall. This will lead to a small passageway. Head to the north east corner of this crawl-way and you will be able to open a door. This will lead to behind the Water tank in the Foyer and you will be able to suck up the star shaped gem.


Luigi's Mansion Entrence Gem Map luigi's mansion entrence gem

This gem can be found after A-3. If you shake the statue on the right side of the door to leave the entrance area you can get the helmet to fall off and coins will pop out. Take the helmet by sucking it up and shoot it at the picture of a helmet that is in the top left corner of the room to get the gem to pop out.


Luigi's Mansion Bedroom Gem Map Luigi's Mansion Bedroom Gem

This gem can only be found during or after A-5, the mission where you are clearing cobwebs. Use the stove in the corner to light a fire. Spin the fan with your Poltergust and it will light the spider web on fire and hit another web that is in the corner destroying it. Go behind where the spider webs were and grab the gem.


Luigi's Mansion Rafters Gem
This gem can be found at the end of mission A-5. Right at the end on the third floor there is a room called Rafters that you can get in through a set of stairs. Towards the end of the level at the last spider web there is a painting , some armor on the ground, and a spider web that you have to suck up. If you look all the way to the right there will be a gem on top of a dresser with a mirror. Use the Poltergust to suck up the gem.

Gems in Haunted Tower

Haunted Tower
Tower Lobby:

Tower Lobby Gem Map Tower Lobby Gem

When you are on the left side of the Tower Lobby you will notice a gem underneath the stairs. Head behind the stair case and you will be able to walk under them and grab this gem.


Labratories Gem Map Labratories Gem

You use a special balloon plant in the Laboratories to get around. Suck up one of the balloon plants when you first get locked in a room with it and then blow to go upwards. Head to the back left corner of the room on the first floor and drop into a little tank. The gem will be behind some spider webs in the big tank that you drop into.

West Garden:

west garden gem map west garden gem

The gem in the West Garden is a couple step process. When you are in the Tower Lobby (the room just to the left of the first courtyard in the area) there is a missing door on the back right corner of the first floor. After revealing the door head up to the stairs just to the left of the door and you will notice some pipes are missing dumping water where it doesn’t belong. Hit the empty space where the pipes were and make them appear with your Dark-Light. Head back down the stairs and go through the door you made appear with the Dark-Light and it will take you into a small maintenance room. With the pipes being fixed a spikey plant will grow. Grab the spikey fruit thing by sucking it up and hit the big venus fly trap. A chest will be behind the plant that has a gem.

Seedling Laboratory:

seedling laboratory map seedling laboratory gem

From the main starting courtyard go through the right door into the generator room. Pass through a door and go through the right door into the tool shed. Check out the fountain looking thing in the back right part of the room to get into a back room. Head up the stairs and go through the door facing left. This will take you to the Botany room. Go over to the water machine and shine your Black-Light upwards to reveal a pipe. Hit the water machine and a big plant will grow taking you up to the seedling laboratory. Look in the center of the room and there will be a machine that you can look through. Wait for the mouse with a gem to run across and hit the button to shoot it. You then will be able to grab the gem.

Botany Lab:

Botany Lab Gem Map Botany Lab Gem

Head back to the Botany Lab that you were in for the last gem. Turn the water on again but grab a bucket off of the table in the middle of the room. Water the plant in the top right corner of the room that is shriveled up and it will spit out a gem.


Garden Gem Map Garden Gem

First found in B-2. After clearing the area of ghosts there should be a couple of buckets laying around (note: you have to try to activate the pinwheel door during the mission for there to be ghosts). Grab a bucket and water the plant in the bottom right corner of a map and a gem will pop out.

Hallow Tree:

Hallow Tree Gem Map Hallow Tree Gem

First found in B-3. After clearing the room some spider web balls will drop to the first floor of the Hallow Tree map area. Grab one of them, light it on fire, and take it through the little path on the left. After burning away some spider webs you will find a bucket. Grab the bucket and take it to the center of the Hallow tree and fill it with water. Water the plant off of the right side of the room and flash it with your light. A gem will pop out.

Old Graveyard:

Old Graveyard Gem Map Old Graveyard Gem

First found in B-3. At the beginning of the section look up and you should see a gem hanging on a vine.

Rumpus Room:

Rumpus Room Gem Map Rumpus Room Gem

Found in B-4. The doll in the center of the room will follow your movements. Walk around the doll counter clockwise and the head will pop off. A gem will then pop out of the doll that you can grab.


Solarium Gem Map Solarium Gem

Found in B-4. As soon as you get into this room off of the Family Room hit the table in between the two chairs with your Dark-Light. A chest will appear giving you a new gem.


Skybridge Gem Map Skyrbridge Gem

Found in B-4. Head across the Skybridge before going up to the rumpus room and what not and there will be some hanging flowers. Dodge their attacks and you will be able to suck them up. The flower all the way on the right has a gem.


Conservatory Gem Map Conservatory Gem

When you get into the Conservatory you will notice some of the balloon plants next to the organ. Suck one of them up and go to the right side of the top floor. Reveal the door with your Dark-Light and you will then be taken to a mini-game. Complete the Mini-Game and collect all of the coins to be rewarded with a new gem.

West Bathroom:

West Bathroom Gem Map West Bathroom Gem

Found in B-4. When in the bathroom suck up the toilet paper roll. Your last gem for the map will pop out!

Again, this is a work in progress and we will be posting up the other gems as soon as we find them. For everything else related to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, head on over to our homepage for more coverage and thanks for reading.


    1. Thanks Josh! Updated it. The only one I’m missing is the teardrop looking one. Heading into the boss battle now.

    1. Thanks Josh! Updated it. The only one I’m missing is the teardrop looking one. Heading into the boss battle now.

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