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Mad Max Guide – Jeet’s Stronghold Guide Project Locations & Rewards

Mad Max Guide - Jeet's Stronghold Guide Project Locations & Guides
Even in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Mad Max you’re going to need friends. Use our Jeet’s Stronghold guide to locate all of the possible projects, the locations of each of the items and guides to put it all together. If you examine any of the Jeet’s Stronghold projects directly you are given the option to have the locations of each part added to your map. You can only do this with a single project at a time but it does help speed up the process. Should you struggle to find any when you reach the location, check the details below for more detailed information.

It’s also a good idea to complete the Survey Crew Project for each Stronghold first as this reveals Scrap locations on the map that are also often the location of parts for other projects. Once you complete Jeet’s Stronghold, check out our Gutgash Stronghold guide with map images!

Survey Crew Project
Scrap Crew Project
Oil Well
Maggot Farm
Water Storage
Cleanup Crew
Dog And Buggy
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