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Mad Max Guide – Stump Grinder Top Dog Boss Battle

Mad Max Guide - Stump Grinder Top Dog Boss Battle
One of the many side activities in Mad Max is taking down Top Dogs in huge camps with intense boss battles. This Mad Max Guide – Stump Grinder Top Dog Boss Battle covers the familiar yet challenging boss battle and tells you how to beat Stump Grinder in his Top Dog camp in North East Colossus area.

Once you’ve broken past the typical defenses and worked your way through to the boss room you’ll encounter Stump Grinder and his allies. There’s 4-5 enemies that will aid Stump Grinder throughout the fight unless you take them out. You want to kill these guys as quick as possible. They do not respawn and once dead they will stay out the fight.

Be cautious of the fire as you take out the basic enemies. They rotate and deal serious damage, to both you and your enemies. Once you’ve killed all the basic enemies work on Stump Grinder. I wouldn’t waste time on basic attacks as they do minimal damage and open you to his major attacks. Use your dodge to avoid his attacks and try to lure him into the fire. That’s your main source of damage for the fight. Make sure to pick up the melee weapons as much as possible as these do a lot more damage. Continue to lure him into the flames and hit with melee attacks after dodging his powerful strikes.

You’ll get a few opportunities to use your knife attack and once he’s below 10% you can use a fatality to finish him off. It’s an easy fight but thought this tips would help if you’re struggling. Happy hunting!

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