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Madden 25 Guide: Media Questions Guide

Madden 25 guide

In owner mode of Madden 25 you will have opportunities to interact with the media for various bonuses or penalties, based off your answers. This guide will help you maximize the bonuses so you can upgrade your stadiums and staff much easier. Check it out.

Madden 25 Media Questions Guide

Media Questions Guide


The questions will be based off of what background you choose at first, then based off how you play during the season. You may not get some of these or might get some I have missed. If you get one I missed save during the interview and pick a answer, reload the save and pick the next one until you get what you want.

Media Question – You’ve been a highly successful businessman and now you own an NFL franchise. What’s the next step for you and this team?

A. I’ve had a lot of success and now I want to have fun and give back to these fans and provide them with a great experience every Sunday.
+10% to ticket prices for a winning season, -15% for a losing season.

B. Part of being good at business is surrounding yourself with smart people, so that will continue to be priority A. We’ll build a continual winner from the top down.
Team Popularity up 10% for a winning season, down 15% for a losing season.

C. Business to me is turning a profit, so I want to make this franchise to one everyone thinks of first when they think of the NFL.
Merchandise Prices 10% per Super Bowl win, -15% per Super Bowl loss.

Media Question – You headed up a group of investors to a potentially buy a franchise, and now you have one. Why did you want to be an owner so bad?

A. Truthfully it’s the fans. They were so great to me during my time as a player that I just wanted to stay involved in the game and give back to them.
Ticket Prices +10% per winning season, -15% per losing season.

B. My history being what it is, I think I can be unique. I know football, and I think it’s a big reason why this team will be a winner under me.
Team Popularity +10% per winning season, -155 per losing season.

C. The NFL is a success-driven league. I succeeded as a player, and when I retired I realized I wanted a new challenge, and this was it.
Merchandise Prices 10% per Super Bowl win, -15% per Super Bowl loss.

Media Question – having been a fan of this team your entire life, there’s some concern that you might be too emotional or too involved to let your football people do their jobs. How do you respond?

A. I’m always going to be a fan first, and so that means I’m always going to be looking out for the fans here because I know what they want.
Ticket Prices +10% per winning season, -15% per losing season.

B. I would simply say if we’re winning no one is going to be concerned about how I’m running the team.
Team Popularity +10% per winning season, -155 per losing season.

C. I would say this is my franchise so I’ll run it how I want. I’ve watched this team my whole life, so I’ll know best what we need.
Merchandise Prices 10% per Super Bowl win, -15% per Super Bowl loss.


Media question – You’re under .500 right now and you’ve watched this team struggle through the first half of the season. Turning around as soon as possible has to be the mindset now doesn’t it?

A. We should be a playoff team, and I don’t come to watch us lose, so yes. we have to turn this thing around.
Merchandise Prices +3% per win, -5% per loss.

B. Yes… I mean, I really think that’s all that needs to be said. This is a group that was assembled to win a Super Bowl, so it’s time to wake up.
Team Popularity +3% per win, -5% per loss.

C. Absolutely. I believe this team is better than their record, but if we’re not, the there’s going to be changes.
Team Popularity +1% per win, -7% per loss.

Media Question – You brought in a new head coach who inherits a team that struggled on offense, defense and in the window column a year ago. so with Week 1 coming up, what gives you confidence in him?

A. We wanted to bring in a coach who is a true tactician, and that’s what we got, so why not feel confident?
Staff Rating up 2% per win w/ Strategist, -5% per loss.

B. Our team would come out flat far too often last year, but that’s not going to be a problem with this coach.
Staff Ratings +2% per win W/ Motivator, -5% per loss.

C. We needed to make wholesale changes, so we brought in a coach who finds talent and makes it work together so that’s why I’m confident.
Staff Ratings +2% per win W/ Team Builder, -5% per loss.

San Fran

Media Question – Coming off a strong preseason and a good record a year ago, how far can this team go this season?

A. It’s hard to say for me, but I do think we’re going to keep up this momentum and get off to a hot start. We’ll see from there.
Ticket Price +2% Per Win – Ticket Price -5% Per Loss.

B. We’re Certainly a playoff team, We’ve shown we can very good so there’s no reason we shouldn’t at least get there.
Team Popularity +8% for making the Playoffs, -10% if you do not make it.

C. Everyone in that locker room has one goal in mind, and it’s the same goal I have. It’s Super Bowl or bust this year.
Team Popularity +10% if you win the Super Bowl, -15% for losing the Super Bowl.

Media Question – At 8-0, do you feel like this is the best team in the NFL?

A. Even if I say we’re the best right now, it’s not right now when it matters. We’ll get to the playoffs and go from there.
Merchandise Prices +1% per win, -5% per loss.

B. At this paint, I would be supremely disappointed if we didn’t go deep into the playoffs, so that should tell you where I think we rank.
Team popularity +1% per win, -5% per loss.

C. We’re the best team in the NFL, but to prove that we need to get to the Super Bowl and win it.
Concession Prices +1% per win, -5% per loss.

Media Question – A perfect regular season is quite the accomplishment, but is it all a waste to some degree if you don’t win it all?

A. Yeah, we can’t be happy with just to be at this point. We need to stay perfect now and finish the job in the playoffs.
Team Popularity +7% with Super Bowl win, -10% if loss.

B. I’m hesitant to call the season a lose cause we don’t win it all, but I know everyone’s expecting this team to get to the Super Bowl.
Team Popularity +4% if you make it to the Super Bowl, -10% if you do not.

C. I wouldn’t say that. This is a great accomplishment no matter what happens in the playoffs.
Team Popularity for playoff win +0%, for loss +10%, This one is for winning a playoff game but not making it to the Super Bowl.

Tight End

Media Question – At the midway point your team’s in a good spot. How far do you think this team can go?

A. You just want to be in a position to win a Super Bowl, and of course for that to happen you need to make the playoffs, and I know we can get there.
Ticket Prices Per Win +1%, -3% per loss.

B. I believe we’re showing this is a Super Bowl caliber team. There’s lots of football left, but it’s time to think big.
Team Popularity Per Win +1%, -3% per loss.

C. Well, it’s a dangerous game to start looking ahead, so right now these guys just need to worry about winning each week.
Team Popularity per win 0%, Per loss -5%

Media Question – Many folks, including yourself, thought this team would perform better last season, but things did not come together. How do you avoid that again this season?

A. From start to finish, the coaching has to be consistent. Leadership starts at the top, and that means the staff has to stay on point.
Staff Ratings +2% per win, -5% per loss.

B. The players in the locker room need to stay focused on our goals. This is a playoff team, and they need to that every week.
Roster Rating +2% per win, -5% per loss.

C. We start by forgetting last season. This is a different team, and it’s a team that knows we can’t miss the playoffs again.
Team Popularity +85 if you make the playoffs, -15% if you miss them.

That will end the Madden 25 Media Questions Guide, if you get a question I didn’t get leave a comment and I will add it and give you credit!

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