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Madden NFL 16: Ultimate Team Starter Pack Choices

Madden NFL 16: Ultimate Team Starter Pack Choices
In Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team mode you will get to pick a team style when you start. The team style you pick will give you certain players and a certain coach. This Madden 16 Ultimate Team Starter Pack guide will let you know who you get from what pack!

Madden 16 Ultimate Team Starter Pack Cards

I’m going to need some help on this one because I can only pick one pack. If you know what is in the others packs please leave a comment and we will give you the credit.

Short Pass – Short Pass style gets a bonus to Catch in traffic and a bonus to Pass Block. Jameis Winston(70 Overall) is the Gold QB you get for this pack and Chip Kelly was the QB. The other four cards were Antonio Andrews(60 Overall), De,Andre Presely(59 overall) and Kevin Graf(63 Overall). Winston has 92 Throw power, 80 Throw Accuracy and 87 Short Throw Accuracy.

Long Pass – Long Pass style gets a boost to Route Running and Pass Block.

Ground And Pound – Ground and Pound Style gets a bonus to Trucking and Run Block.

Speed Run – Speed Style gets a bonus to Elusiveness and to Run Block.

Zone Defense – Zone gets a bonus to Zone Coverage and Play Recognition.

Man Defense – Man gets a bonus to Man Coverage and Play Recognition.

Pass Rush – Pass Rush gets a bonus to Pursuit and Block Shedding.

Run Stuff – Run Stuff gets a bonus to Tackle and Block Shedding.

I will update this as more information if found! Check the comments for extra info as well!

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