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Mafia 3 Asset & Associate Unlockables Guide

Mafia 3 Asset & Associate Unlockables Guide
Mafia 3 lets you recruit and work with a variety of special associates as they become vital assets in your journey to conquer New Bordeaux. This Mafia 3 Asset & Associate Unlockables Guide will list all of the available associates in the game as well as the unlockables you can receive working from them – including everyone from new weapons to vehicles and extra soldiers on the battlefield.

There are 3 main associates that you can recruit and progress with. Cassandra, Thomas Burke and Vito Scalleta. Each offer different bonuses through providing them with districts and running additional missions. Take a look below so you can be sure you assign them to the right areas to compliment your personal play style.

Mafia 3 Asset & Associate Unlockables Guide

Cassandra Unlocks
Thomas Burke Unlocks
Vito Scalleta Unlocks

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