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Mafia 3 Guide: Take The Throne Or Leave The City

Mafia 3 Take The Throne Or Leave The City
One of the last choices you have to make in Mafia 3 is whether you leave the city or take the city for yourself. This choice will change the outcome of the ending for you. Do you take the throne or leave the city in Mafia 3?

Mafia 3 Take The Throne Or Leave The City

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After you deal with all your enemies you will have to make this choice. The Priest tells you to leave and Donovan says if you don’t take over another scum bag will so it might as well be you.

If You Take The Throne in Mafia 3
When you get to the meeting house you will have to choose to rule alone or together.

If you choose to rule alone you will kill your Associates in cold blood. When you leave there will be a car bomb waiting for you planted by the Priest and you Lincoln will die.

If you choose to run the city together then the gang will prosper. It will go on to say Lincoln and the gang moved all over the States and Lincoln used the money to rebuild the areas he took over. The Father isn’t happy about it but you get to live. This choice also let me reload and come back into the city and I’m not sure if you can do it with the other options.

If You Leave Town in Mafia 3

If you leave town Lincoln will just bail on the town. He will survive and for me Vito took over. If you had to kill Vito for whatever reason it might be different. When Vito took over the makes the town into another Vegas by developing more Casinos and infrastructure. He runs the town solo and lives in the Penthouse where you take down Marcano.

I’m not sure if any option other than working with with your Associates let’s you come back to play the game or not. If anyone knows please let us know in the comments.

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  1. I split the town equally between them but when I left town the story was Cassandra took over. Ended up running it into the ground and pissing Govt off so much they abandoned it and it’s now a ghost town

  2. I left and then Burk took over he got a liver transplant and the city turned into a drug and alcohol place and Burk eventually dies and the city is no better and Lincoln disappeared and travelled the US, even going back to Vietnam.

  3. At the end you can kill your 3 associates and instead of taking your car and die you just exit the area through the gate. Steal a car or walk away. Burke was still alive in his scrapyard (eventhough I just finished him off). Asked me to steal some cars for him. This is AFTER the take the thrown or leave town decision!!

    Nice bug

  4. I gave the control to the Priest and left the city. After my leave he started to execute gays, jews, protestants even disabled people. Banned birth control, abortion, heavy metal, Freddie Mercury. Legalized hanging around with young boys, exorcism and burning witches alive. After that he claimed himself as the real pope and declared a war against the Vatican city.

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